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  1. Yes, Tekkit Lite is the most recent version for minecraft 1.4.7. Tekkit Classic has been put on hold until the ForgeBukkit project is revived, or a replacement crops up. Unfortunately, in either case, EE2 will not be updated. The author is working on the next iteration of the mod, called EE3, for minecraft 1.4.7. EE2 is only for minecraft 1.2.5, and is not likely to be updated.

  2. Microtransactions - Pay .99 euro to buy a diamond pick! $2.99 for multiplayer! $3.99 to change your graphics options! 5.99 to install mods of any kind!

    And so on and so forth.

    Sadly this has already been done on many servers. Albeit they inevitably shut down after only a few weeks when their player base leaves, but they try again nonetheless.

  3. I wish for omnipotence, omniscience, and omnipresence.

    You turn into a giant, flying spaghetti monster and rule the universe with your noodley goodness.

    I wish for Azanor to finish implementing the flying carpet in thaumcraft.

  4. I have attemped to back up my statements, but most of them are word of mouth things that do not have references. Consdering if they were false the Technic Team scientists would have the sources to disprove them, I feel that my points have enough backing by the fact I have yet to see such proof. When I do, I will gladly revise my opinions.

    Were have I seen this logical fallacy before?

  5. would it be better for me to change it to a creative map or to start off with only a few tools and maybe add a few storyline side adventures and other stuff?

    It sounded like you were going to make an island with a bunch of run down buildings and a decrepit old port. Then, have other people download it and try their best to fix things up and renovate. You could try doing a round-robin map, were each player downloads it, adds something and then uploads the updated map the next day, and the cycle repeats. The trick to this is getting a few dedicated people who want to work together and on a regular schedule. If you can manage it, this could turn out to be a really cool project.

  6. Great! But there's a problem. I've made a server, but only I can go on it, using the computer I'm running the internet server on. I have unbanned who I wanted to come on, I opped them, I turned the whitelist off, and I restarted the server. Anybody know how to fix it?

    P.S. Beta doesn't have Technic Pack?!

    I was almost tempted not to help you. You posted about an unrelated topic on an unrelated thread, in cafe lame, even though we have an entire sub-forum dedicated to helping people like you. But I just aced my midterm a few minutes ago, so I'm feeling helpful today.

    You must tell your home's router were it should send all incoming traffic related to your minecraft server. To do this, you must find out the computer your server is running on's local IP address(google search). Then open up your router's settings and tell it to forward all traffic on port (22565 I believe is default. It is in your server's property file to make sure). In the Port Forwarding options (google search). Save the settings, and you should be good to go. To connect, if you are on the same computer use "localhost", if you are on the same local network, use your server's local ip address, if you are outside your home network, use your home's public ip address (google search "what's my ip?").

    But really dude, give the stickied rules post a quick read, this way I'll be able to help you in the future as I browse the help sub-forums.

  7. RM furnace, energy condenser, collector

    It would be better if you just set the player to creative and had this be a creative template map. As it stands now, the player spawns in, dupes a couple stacks of collectors and condensers with the red matter furnace, crafts a swiftwolfs, and sets up a few condensers that make all the building blocks he/she wants to use. The user then goes flying around and building, only stopping to grab more materials from the condensers instead of the creative inventory, and crafts the island to his/her liking.

    It seems kind of redundant to add in that extra bit at the beginning. Why not just post your map as a template, and see what others can do with it?

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