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  1. can i get the towny for tekkit plugin for my server ?

  2. Lan's will notice nothing, Lag doesn't mean your PC is crap that is FPS issues LAG is purely a bandwidth/net-speed issue and will often effect playing over the internet due to increased latency caused by the extra packets being required. Please learn terminology before you come in here and make accusations like that.
  3. No idea try it without multi-verse use the bukkit.yml and no updates have been made the world was pure WIP I wont be releasing any completely finished configs. These do work others can vouch for that.
  4. I moved the file to private I will need to update the link here as its a hidden file now along with the rest of our server cloud data, Since I went PRO business class sub with media fire and we have been making folders and setting up security on the files and things like that recently. Updated Tekkit Terrain Control Config Files
  5. I don't think it really matters if they can be used in game the same then go with whichever you have already generated and setup for.
  6. I suppose, and thanks, but after messing with Tekkit I realized now that the copper and tin ore are not the 140:X ID they are the two ores that have the item ID over 200. Might want to replace your ore values with those as well look them up in game for the exact ID that is how I got them but I just assumed they were 140:x because there are two of the same ores but it appears that Tekkit actually generates the RedPower Ore ID instead. Terrain Control Working Config Updated Download Links TerrainControl World Config Update Config Settings Here If anyone uses my configs it would be nice if they have updated or fixed anything in them if they could zip up the new configs and share with me as well. You may drop files directly in Here to share them with me personally.
  7. See post#17 That contained my Configs and explanation more details below. I just ran of out patience fine tuning the map as I was not happy with the result, I was running an ocean height of 40 which as you know will cause deep level lighting bugs in any version of Minecraft this is a pretty bad bug in minecraft in which if any layers below 60 are showing to direct sky it will cause lighting engine to flip out and create massive client lag if it is in huge doses this is the same reason people say to build the Quarry underground as from surface to bedrock makes the same thing happen and people just call it quarry lag but its actually a well known Minecraft lighting bug, and once I realized this was not going work properly at height 40 I was going have to adjust all my heights of every biome again to but at a ocean height of at least 70 and that would have taken time as I would have had to adjust everything and double check every biome all over again and spends hours if not a weekend tweaking to get it spot on again. The real reason I had to do this was not because I had surface/ocean at 40 it was because having an ocean depth of 40 meant that large parts of water would be effected by the lighting bug since ocean surface would be at about 20 something and that is where the lighting bug is at its worsts and this lighting bug wont crash the server but it eats client FPS and can bring the client to a freeze/lock up state I have experienced this before while making the world and other worlds on my older servers due severe lighting issues which needed the world to be generated with a plugin that generates all the chunks I needed for the world size and then ran again in either MCEDIT or the same plugin to using lighting fix tools to clear the lighting errors on the occurred during generation. Now with Tekkit you cannot run the map thru MCEDIT to clear minor lighting errors, I would need to rely on plugin I used to Pre generate a world to a specific size as I never host a server with worlds that don't have the world chunks already generated as chunk generation causes huge lag for everyone and it doesn't matter what kind of host you are its the main cause of lag is people running around generating chunks I avoid this by pre generating the worlds and the setting the border about 20/100 chunks lower than the map size. So I could have fixed the world configs you now have easily I just could not really be bothered at the time and instead left the custom world for another day as I still had to learn tekkit and prepare the configs for tekkit and all of that admin stuff, While people were asking when server going to be back so instead of losing players I just didn't use a custom world this time around. Next Time though and probably 1.3.1 server If I ever use or when ever Mojang deploy a hot fix to make it not lag anymore then I will begin work on a new world design using same configs I will just adjust it and paint a new map with Tekkit in mind. See the configs you have were converted for Tekkit after I got angry about Mojang changing the map gen again making village people require new worlds so the trading functions properly as some of the way it works is based on the map seed and thus would require a 1.3 world generated to work correctly. So I moved to Tekkit have not looked back Tekkit is much better than vanilla. I then began converting the configs and what u have is what I got working but it was not finished the map design was but the configs needed tweaking. I tested everything Tekkit worked and it does I even had a Custom volcano somewhere as a bo2 but it was not used. So when Tekkit moves to 1.3 I am going to start working on a MUCH better refined world with a higher ocean height. I release what I had because it would be of use here and because its not the same design I have in mind for the next map I build Wich I wanted to make more whacky and fun with much tighter refined config settings.
  8. Yep the oil was not working but well but I have a perfect replica bo2 for it I can use next time, Also the random bits were not all random such as the saplings they were were added in the plains configs and some others to spawn as a sapling like a flower it should be under plant remove them if u want, The Rubber Tree "Large" Thing in the jungle that had a couple saplings on it and covered in a mesh of Leaves that was a bo2 I was testing I thought it was funny so I kept it there for fun, The dodgy areas you pointed out with the Bo2's having dirt to ground level that looked odd when overhanging that can be turned off that is the under fill setting in the bo2 or in the worlds settings config you should find a line which has bo2 settings turn of under fill by setting it false that issue will go away. The wool blocks I was not sure what was doing that it may have been that I missed a pixil when painting the world image since the image works on matching a hexdecimal color set in the config to the image I may have put a color in there that it doesn't know about. That or its some strange bo2 artifact. Like I said the reason I didn't use this world on my current Tekkit server was because I had some underlying issues I needed to sort out and I ran out of time I wanted to push the server out so I left the custom world for another day. I want make an even better one next time. I released this one because everyone's asking for how it works if you wanted to tidy it up sure and get a wiki going but I refuse to deal with the wiki on the plugins site the person who made that wiki I used to be in touch with but because of his lack of patience and utter dis respect to others when it comes to getting information out and his very very poor English skills we got in a email fight and I'm not negotiation with him ever again. However I started a wiki not for Tekkit but there is no reason we cannot transform it into a Tekkit specific wiki. http://tchandbook.educatewiki.com/wiki/Main_Page All in all I could have fixed all those issues in a matter of minutes probably about half hour it would be all cleaned up but I had to adjust the map ocean height up to 70 which would throw everything out of whack so I never used it as I didn't have time to want to re balance it for my current server. Feel free to use that wiki I started and convert that for Tekkit. Also I am not a fan of 1.3.1 It has major lag for smaller servers since it sends packets for every sound in the game almost to the client and back and it also has some pretty nasty bugs. Nothing but lag complaints so far about it seen on any threads that have severs using it.
  9. I'm Keen for this, I hate Sphax. The Tekkit additions along side the original work look amazing, True to the theme good work can't wait for it to be ready for use.
  10. Why would you want a update for that update, for the love of god please don't release a tekkit 1.3.1, It sends packets for almost every sound in game to the server and back, it has increased loaded chunks to 70000, and a major performance drop, it seems. Minecraft forums flooded with "why my server lagging". I don't think he accidentally didn't read the rules I don't think he ever wanted too :P
  11. Yea I get what you mean, though again its pretty common I can probably recommended a plugin that does should do that pretty well if you need help with that. You just want each world to have its own inventory that does not carry through to other worlds. I just thought you wanted a unique server that's all so I thought Id share the experiences I have been involved in the past 2 years of hosting servers. Besides you don't want 1.3.1 its a giant lag fest, The server now sends packets for almost all sounds in game, Mobs,Walking,Doors all send packets to server and back to clients massive lag its a giant well I cannot say what I think here because of children but 1.2.5 is a hell of more stable and less broken.
  12. thats a awsome server idea can u give me the ip when its finished

  13. I dunno, Half of me says I would try that and the other half of me says nope been there seen it. See I had the same idea a long time ago but before our server moved to Tekkit I had a Space world with plans to branch portals to other planets and each faction would have their own world so factions wars would be to conquer entire worlds not just the faction so you would have these awesome battles going on between many smaller worlds probably only size of 1200x1200 per faction small but decent for a single faction or a small alliance but over about 10 worlds in total you could portal to any world from Space at any time and try and take it over. I had a back story and everything for it. So I can see where this Idea could be going but I have just seen way too many servers with more than one world and unless the world is unique in every single way, different theme and everything and not a standard Minecraft world such as The End or Nether but instead Lava based surface worlds Ice and snow worlds, some whacky alien world I probably wouldn't go for it or waste my own money getting our development team to make unique mods for it. I do like the idea but I am just saying that it could use more depth. If your interested in finishing where I took off midway through vanilla 1.9 Pre release stage feel free I actually documented the whole thing on YouTube if you wanted to see the progress we made. I have not updated my channel in a while but I feel I probably should, I have a 6 year plan to host two powerful servers on a 10gig dedicated line and with hopes to establish a new server farm some day. Anyway Here is the link for our channel maybe it will give u some ideas. The channel has been up for a while and I am not the only one who has submitted content from our past servers other players have as well. Just type MindCalf in Google or in Youtube search it will come up with a bunch of stuff related to our past servers. Again I am not trying to derail this thread I am just trying to help you out with ideas. I should get back to doing more stuff on the channel with our current Tekkit Server even though I have not made a unique world yet I did start a unique world which people keep sending me PM's about since I know how to make Tekkit work with Terrain Generation plugins like Terrain Control I posted my world I had planned for our current Tekkit Server on the forum some place the entire configs and all ready to just load and play. Since I ran into a couple small issues I didn't want to release the world until I was happy with it. I am just going to make a better world for our next map Edit Tekkit 3.1.2 Recommended for Client is out already mate if that is what your after. Oh and my past idea was to start out on planet Earth with some sort of reason to be leaving I used the introduction of the Endermen in Minecraft 1.9 as my basis for leaving Earth and heading to Space, The Earth world served as our servers Idiot test and Tutorial. I think you are leading with a good idea but like I said needs a couple more details before it becomes really interesting.
  14. I got it working fine , I just ran of out patience fine tuning the map as I was not happy with the result, I was running an ocean height of 40 which as you know will cause deep level lighting bugs in any version of Minecraft and once I realized this was not going work I was going have to adjust all my heights of every biome again to but at a ocean height of at least 70. Just to clarify I did get the Trees spawning and every ore as well as oil wells, Volcano's and trees need to be made into a schematic then converted to Bo2 format, Oil will work as an ore but I don't recommend that unless like rivers of oil, I have a Bo2 made up a friend provided for me that is an exact replica of a standard oil well which would work just fine. If you want to have a play with it grab my abandoned WIP from here The download provided is has everything and is ready to play, Just make a world named the same the config and set at world up to be default world generated and go nuts it contains all my progress and all the Bo2's required that I had working at the time. I never ended up using it as I wanted to push the server out ASAP and I decided I would wait until the next time I needed a new world and would use the knowledge I had to make an even better map. So if anyone else is interested feel free to use the download as a template. I suppose I ever got time I could make a formal example with a couple different setup methods that is well documented and a sticky could possibly come about of it but that's for another day when I have time and an urge to write an essay .