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  1. I found the stuff of nightmares before
  2. This has been mentioned and reported before
  3. Tinkers' construct I think, but I don't know about what goes in those slots
  4. Woah, that ships mod sounds awesome, thanks for mentioning it. i think I might install it, too Sick ships, btw.
  5. This forum has been kind of sad so far with all of the error reports and stuff, let's brighten it up a little. What's your loot room look like? Here's mine, it's kinda lame, I plan on redoing it eventually:
  6. For the second question, my server's fine in the nether. Also the end. I don't think I've ever crashed playing Hexxit before I'm not really sure what you mean for the first question, though, sorry.
  7. I think Hexxit could benefit form more mods later on since the gameplay has potential to get boring. It's essentially raid X, deposit loot, attempt making better loot. Once you have the best, there's not really anywhere to go, so something that adds different gear you could get or maybe something that adds some kind of magic would be nice.
  8. C0dy, you have to find the ore bush somewhere and break it. To plant it, place a piece of cobble on the ground and put it on top
  9. A big part about an adventure pack like this is that dungeons, towers, and castles are finite. I still have a central base and don't plan to get rid of it just to move over, but I also don't like having to make a LONG trek away from home to find something I haven't discovered already. What's a good way to travel long distances without just duct taping w, space, and right click with food down> Also, getting back from a MASSIVE distance wouldn't be a problem cause this pack allows rift signatures, the only problem is getting to that far away area.
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