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    planetguy reacted to GenPage in Technic Modpack Server Utility   
    Hey guys,
    I've been working on a little project to make updating Technic Modpack Servers a little easier. 
    This will allow server owners to directly download or "install" (unzip) modpacks to a specified directory on their servers.
    Its currently in a beta state. I thought now would be a good time to release it and get some feedback on it.
    Here are some examples of the program:

    Displaying Pack Info:

    Downloading all packs (default recommended builds)

    Downloading a specific pack

    Downloading latest build of a specific pack

    Downloading a specific version of a pack

    Checks if build exists in the list

    Checks if the modpack is still available

    Let me know what you think!

    If you have any issues with the program, please post them here:
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    planetguy got a reaction from masterzh in [1.7.10] Remain in Motion - Continuation of Redstone in Motion   
    Finished the 1.7 port, hooray!
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    planetguy got a reaction from TheBytemaster in [1.7.10] Remain in Motion - Continuation of Redstone in Motion   
    Finished the 1.7 port, hooray!
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    planetguy reacted to MadScienceMod in [1.6.4][SMP][Forge] Mad Science - Machines, items, and mobs to create your own laboratory!   
    What is Mad Science?
    A modification for Minecraft created using Minecraft Forge and Universal Electricity. It adds machines, items, and mobs to create your own laboratory! Remember kids, science has no limits… and no bounds…

    Our scientists have worked hard to bring you some of the finest equipment for genetic research Minecraft has to offer. These custom built machines fit into one of three separate categories. The categories represent the different stages of the game in which you will encounter them, and also will be expected to craft at that tier of the game.

    Harness powerful machines like the Computer Mainframe to combine multiple Genome Data Reels to create new and crazy forms of life such as the Disgusting Meat Cube! Use the Cryogenic Tube to harvest electrical power from Villagers memories, you can also playback existing Memory Data Reels for maximum power output! Create spawn-eggs for mobs using the Genome Incubator! No need to perform crazy experiments unless you want! Discover the true purpose of Nether Quartz! This vanilla Minecraft ore has been fully realized as the source for technology in this mod. Using the Thermosonic Bonder and the purified version of Nether Quartz known as Fused-Quartz you can create Silicon Wafers, CPUs, RAM, and myriad of other circuits. Recycle all components created and used. With custom blocks like the Syringe Sanitizer to clean your dirty needles and the Cryogenic Freezer to keep your DNA Samples and Filled Syringes nice and fresh you will be able to store those samples indefinitely until you are ready to experiment. Installation Instructions
    Adding Mad Science to ’Feed the Beast’ mod-pack.
    Adding Mad Science to ’Tekkit’ mod-pack.
    Adding Forge to Unmodded Minecraft 1.6.4 on Windows

    Video Overview

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    planetguy reacted to jackthesmack in Factorio - It's like Buildcraft and Industrial craft on crack   
    I got this game a couple days ago and it's really awesome, I've probably dumped 20 hours into it so far. If any of you like the Buildcraft and Industrial Craft aspects of technic, you should totally check out Factorio. You tech up your industry and production, harvest resources, and pollute the air (which causes the wild life to attack you). Has a lot of depth and it's very fun building up your factory. They're releasing multiplayer soon (they've been focusing on it for a couple weeks now).

    Website: http://www.factorio.com/
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    planetguy reacted to Pugsley in FF7 Mako Reactor/Materia mod   
    You are in luck!
    I have been looking for some coding challenges for the summer, this is now one of them!
    I may PM you for a little more information, as soon as I have the time to do so
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    planetguy reacted to SXScarecrow in New Launcher   
    Hi there,

    It's been a while since I last posted here, but I've been tied up with exams etc, and in a collaboration with two other talented people (we like to think ourselves as a sort of unholy trinity) we are working on a new project; yet another flipping Minecraft Launcher! The name kind of sucks at this point, but we have a working prototype (well, working on Mac anyway, Windows testing is coming). The general idea is to allow end users to create their own modpacks within the launcher, so they literally select a MC version, what mods they want, and the launcher downloads those mods and launches them in an MC instance. For versions post 1.7.2, ID conflicts won't be an issue, however we still have a lot to fix before this idea becomes a reality (we already have it working at a very basic level at this stage, so its not impossible, just flipping difficult). Of course, in addition to this there will be premade modpacks on the launcher ready to grab at any stage, and we are also planning a Platform-like system for public, user-created modpacks. There is a huge amount to figure out, but from the start we decided this would be a proper community project and so we would like to hear your feedback on what this new launcher project should and should not include. I have much enjoyed Technic over the years and am constantly amazed at what comes from this community of awesome nutters, but now we want to see if we can do it too! Please post your feedback below and if you come up with a decent name, feel free to share since we suck at naming things! (Seriously, look at my modpack, geez....)

    EDIT: Unsure of where to post this so I stuck it here, seemed to be the most appropriate place.
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    planetguy reacted to Smeelio in Tekkit (fan?) Art   
    So, the Turtle, Light bulb and strap (Actually a belt for some trousers) are just randomly from the internet (As this is what I like to call an enhanced collage), but the stick and string are from a screenshot of a Team Fortress 2 item, the Sammy Cap. Then I did some weird opacity erasing light stuff. This is sort of my way of producing something maybe kind of a little bit sorta nice-looking, while actually having no artistic skill whatsoever.

    PS: It's supposed to be a sort of unobtrusive desktop background kind of deal, if you're wondering why there's a lone turtle in the corner facing all that blackness with just his little bulb. Anyway, everybody loves an underturtle!
    Oh yeah, and any constructive criticism is welcomed and in fact asked for.
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    planetguy got a reaction from disconsented in Modpack Question   
    It might not be exactly what you need, but you can keep an eye on Disconsented's >ANSSRPG.
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    planetguy reacted to disconsented in ANSSRPG - Open Source Player Progression. Build your own RPG!   
    Weight(tentative): To promote interaction with other mods (and rail systems) a players movement speed will be reduced linearly to a minimum of %10 (will begin to decrease at ~%50)
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    planetguy reacted to AlexChip in If u have a spare minute, you could help us a lot..   
    [TL;DR] If u have a minute and want to help..
    - follow this link - http://inserbia.info/today/2014/05/ask-google-to-help-serbia-bih-croatia-by-sending-an-email/
    Hello my fellow Technicians ,
    I'm not usually the one to bother anyone with anything associated with humanitarian actions because I think you are already bombarded with many ads for helping, but realising the lack of information about this and seeing my people (ex Yugoslavian countries) work together for the first time after many years has made me help all I can with our current situation..
    We have declared a state of emergency and have been hit by a natural disaster likes of which we never saw before.. Devastation is worse than the bombing of Serbia when I was about 10 years old.. ( and I live in the capitol which is still scared from that event :/ )
    I'm not asking you to spend any money, just a moment of your time. By sending that email (see details by following the link) it will, hopefully, make Google add a link to help us on their homepage..
    I'm sad that I'm in a bad physical condition that is preventing me to go with my friends and other volunteers to help by placing sand bags and other physical work involved, so I have been helping in other ways I could.. This is one of them..
    I really don't want to be annoying and you don't have to do anything, I just felt obligated to at least ask some of you that might want to help so we could contribute and aid ones in need..
    If you are by any chance interested in more info or ways to help, ask me, I'll do my best to answer..
    Thank you for reading!
    (I have read the rules and I think I'm not breaking any, that's the last thing I want to do.. I have no gain from this and I'm not advertising any web site or service etc.. I'm just trying to help out..)
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    planetguy reacted to Mangles in Mooshroom Power! Infinite Free* Clean** Energy   
    Welcome to the latest innovation in power generation. Mooshroom Power. With the recent decline in magma generators and the massive data destruction caused by bugged or exploit methods of power production, Steve's everywhere have been wondering how to produce power in Attack of the B-Team. Look no further!
    The Gist:
    Mooshroom trophy generates mushrooms for your BioFuel Generator.
    The Setup:
    You use an Open Blocks Mooshroom trophy on top of 3x3 Mycelium or dirt in a darkened room. Underneath the trophy is an Autonomous Activator. It clicks the trophy and 8 brown mushrooms appear on the surrounding blocks. A Harvester collects the mushrooms and sends it to a BioReactor turning it into Biofuel, which connects to two BioFuel Generators. Place a Null under the Harvestor if you don't use sludge. The only thing that requires power is the Harvestor and that is minimal to upkeep. Whole set up takes up about 9x2x18 and generates ~360 RF per tick. 
    The main problem here is getting the Mooshroom Trophy. All other materials are readily obtainable and with the manual input of the first 8 mushrooms requires no outside input. An Auto-Spawner or a Breeder/Grinder are your best method of obtaining the trophy. This probably means that it won't be your first power system. 
    Small self maintained free energry at 360 RF per tick.
    Can be used in conjunction with other biofuel farms to get better efficiency. 
    Infinite Brown Mushroom if you need it for something. 
    Hard to get trophy
    Probably won't be your first set up
    Constant mooing near setup. 
    The Trophy on the Autonomous Activator.

    The Harvester and reactors

    Note: Space can be saved in the harvester set-up. This is the easiest way to display it. 
    The entire set up

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    planetguy reacted to Sangar in OpenComputers [v1.5.21]   
    Maintenance release for OC 1.2, fixing one or two potential crashes.

    Download for MC1.6.4
    Download for MC1.7.2
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    planetguy got a reaction from Chanku in The Technic Launcher's future   
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    planetguy got a reaction from Chanku in The Technic Launcher's future   
    The Technic Launcher is by no means dead or dying, anywhere except among your circle of friends. Have you even seen the Platform? There are almost forty thousand public modpacks on the Platform, plus who knows how many private packs. Attack of the B-Team drove FOUR TIMES the traffic that Technic staff planned for.
    As for your complaints about Tekkit's mod list, Technic dropped IC2 because after 1.4 Alblaka vanished, leaving the future of the mod in jeopardy. As it turned out, the Technic team were more or less right. IC2 experimental currently says it's "unstable, may break worlds" (read: not suitable for modpacks) at the top of its download page, and IC2-legacy has seen a total of two commits since July 2013 and at latest runs on Minecraft 1.6.2. You also suggest substituting EE3 for EE2 and Project Red for Redpower, which Tekkit currently does.
    Tekkit won't have Forestry because the author of Forestry attacked Technic users' worlds, and it won't have Thaumcraft because it's both a very intrusive mod if you don't want to play it (see: taint) and Tekkit is a tech pack, not a magic pack. If those mods are what you're looking for, Feed the Beast's packs might be more up your alley. The Technic team can't cater to everyone's modpack desires, though, so that's what Platform is for.
    Voxel got their own launcher solution, so use it if you really want their pack. Technic SSP was useful when there were mods that couldn't run on multiplayer, but that ended with 1.4, so the team retired it. (If you really want, there are four or so on the Platform. That little search box really helps.)
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    planetguy reacted to Neowulf in Castrum Gaming Pixelmon Ban Appeal by [DragonGamer_671]   
    I wonder how many times he has contacted apple for tech support on his dell.
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    planetguy reacted to TrovaGamer in Sharing my "new" idea the "ComputerCraft Web Bridge"   
    Current version: 0.0.1-InDev

    Very important note
    This program is dependendant on OpenPeripherals so you might want to install that mod or ask to your server admin to add to the server modpack sorry for the inconvenient

    Some days ago i posted an idea on this forum (http://www.computerc...post__p__178043)
    (if you dont want to see the post maybe you want to see this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gW0LUueZVdM)
    Tonight (00:07 here) im releasing the first dev version of this idea and citing some of what i said, this program its mainly focused for smp servers but if you want let your ssp world opened and then go to school/work/party ... well ...you can
    For now, my main problem is the time, but i hope it can be working (the program) in a few weeks, but i do really want to know what do you think about it

    Instructions for instalation:
    If its disabled, enable (ask to your server admin to enable) the http api of computercraft (just go to the config its very easy) Install on your computer the CCWP Installer copypasteringo ► pastebin get w4DZjPR3 installer Run the installer The installer program will automatically update a file called "installer" with the last version of it and will create/update a folder called CCWP wich contains all the codes to work with CCWP DONT DELETE IT. If you choosed to not have an startup file, you can run the main program with this command: "CCWP/webcontrol" When running it will throw a 10 alphanumeric code that is your "ComputerKey", copy and save it in a safe place Login to http://ccwp.herobo.com/ write your ComputerKey in the input box and click "Get Status" to see all your items in the web page! IMPORTANT NOTE
    Every computer running the program will throw a different Key, so you may need multiple windows if you run multiple instances of the program

    I hope to continually update this project, but i'll always welcome your reviews, suggestions, comments or whatever

    Feature List:
    Online view of connected chests Current Mods supported for storage view: Iron Chests Better Storage Applied Energistics (must connect via cable to a ME Controller) Changelog:
    20/10/14 0.0.2-inDev   Changed (again) the web server to a brand new one Changed web side login system to a simple key asking system, you only need the computer key to access the info Changed a bit the code so it won't overload the web server Still only allows visualization of inventories Edited install instructions on the main post 19/05/14 0.0.1-InDev First dev version of the app Features: Online view of storage Current Mods supported for storage view: Iron Chests Better Storage Applied Energistics (must connect to a ME Controller) WIP
    More mods compatibility Energy net view TO-DO list
    Web-side rs signals toggling
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    planetguy reacted to Niverton in RIM and CC lift   
    Hey, M1r077 asked to see my RIM lift, so I'm making this post
    Here is an imgur album of the lift
    I use RIM controlled by CC's computers, I commented them in English (I have a bad English). They all work, I just tested them, however, there are constants at the start of the scripts you may need to change according to your setup, like the side of the modem, the controller, or adapt your screen size
    The lift's "motor": pastebin get EgCcCsg8 startup The call button: pastebin get imBR1Zs2 startup The screen's script: pastebin get R1T6yuHj startup The API used in the screen's script: pastebin get bJC6XrfH screenAPI If you find a bug, have a question or a suggestion, please go ahead, I'll be happy to help/get helped
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    planetguy got a reaction from theprolo in [1.7.10] Remain in Motion - Continuation of Redstone in Motion   
    Since JAKJ has been rather scarce lately and Redstone in Motion is too good to let die and open source, and no one else has stepped up to develop it further, I've decided to continue it.  Out of respect for JAKJ's request that forks don't use the same name, I'll call my version "Remain in Motion".
    Original thread, with documentation: '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>
    More documentation:


    Download: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/nx48d9udpfpln/RemainInMotion
    Source code: https://github.com/planetguy32/RemainInMotion
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    planetguy got a reaction from rienafairefr in [1.7.10] Remain in Motion - Continuation of Redstone in Motion   
    1.1.4 should work both with and without FMP, and has a new config property to not pick up banned blocks instead of stopping motion.
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    planetguy reacted to disconsented in ANSSRPG - Open Source Player Progression. Build your own RPG!   
    Alright here is the first test candidate for the mod. (MC Version 1.7/ Forge build
    Currently it has support for 3 different skill methods (Crafting block, breaking and killing entities)
    https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/9049845/ASSRPG-1 Test Candidate.jar
    Please test it and abuse it and report any bugs and the like to the github https://github.com/disconsented/ANSSRPG/issues
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    planetguy got a reaction from disconsented in ANSSRPG - Open Source Player Progression. Build your own RPG!   
    I'd say so. In my experience the best way to learn something new (like configuration of a mod) is by looking at an example.
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    planetguy got a reaction from TheBytemaster in [1.7.10] Remain in Motion - Continuation of Redstone in Motion   
    1.1.4 should work both with and without FMP, and has a new config property to not pick up banned blocks instead of stopping motion.
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    planetguy got a reaction from masterzh in [1.7.10] Remain in Motion - Continuation of Redstone in Motion   
    1.1.2 only works without FMP, 1.1.3 only works with it, and the only change is related to FMP or no-FMP use. A bit of a mess... I'll fix it soon but right now I have to run.
    It's named JAKJ_RedstoneInMotion.cfg to maintain compatibility with JAKJ's mod. I should probably rename it for the 1.7 ports, but since I took over in the middle of a Minecraft version I'd rather not break compatibility with people's existing worlds.
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    planetguy got a reaction from _Mataroyale_Modpacker_ in [1.7.10] Remain in Motion - Continuation of Redstone in Motion   
    Use it however you want. That's what it was made for.
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