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    Server IP: tekkit-lite.com (0.5.3)

    No Whitelist! Just join the server, read some rules and start playing.

    Server Rules:

    - No Griefing, Spamming and Scamming

    - No Bugusing and Duping

    This is our first Tekkit Lite server! We're searching for nice players who want to discover all the new awesome items with us. Feel free to join our community. We're looking forward to see you one our server!

    We have some working protection tools. New players can place up to 6 chests. Each chest protects 11x11 blocks around. Everything build inside this area is safe. However it's recommended to store your valuable items in Personal Safes. There are some bugs we can't fix right now ...


    Disabled mods:

    Mystcraft, EE3, Dimensional Anchors, BuildCraft, CoumputerCraft (until we have a working fix)

    Banned Items:

    Teslacoils, World Anchors, Weather Collector, Block Breaker (the new one), Black Hole Chest, Nukes, Terraformer, Mining Laser, all sorts of TNT, Deployer (we're working on a fix)


    Bukkit Plugins (modified for Tekkit Lite):

    TekkitFuse, GriefPrevention, Essentials, CoreProtect, WorldBorder, ...

    We put lots of time in customizing Bukkit plugins to get a working setup for this server. We have two experienced Java developers in our team, who are working all day long to fix upcoming bugs and glitches.


    Uptime 24/7


    Intel Xeon E3 Quadcore

    240GB SSD

    32GB DDR3 RAM


    We have 30min backups on an external hardware. If something happens to our map, we're able to restore it to the latest backup. You machines are safe :)


    We're running two other tekkit servers (3.1.3 and 3.1.2) and our community keeps growing. Be part of it and tell us what's going on!

    Website: www.miners-central.com

    TeamSpeak 3 Server: voice.tekkit-lite.com (default port)

    Mumble Voiceserver: west3.voice.enjin.com:60672



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