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  1. In-game username: KaitoTakeshi Age: 17 Timezone: CST (-06:00) What is your current rank?: Member How long do you play daily?: As much as I can. Why do you want to become a moderator?: I would like to be part of a bigger community and help out as much as I possibly can. What makes you the best candidate?: I have ran my own CraftBukkit Server, then started a Tekkit Server. I have a vast knowledge of many plugins and how they work. I can memorize most commands with only using the once or twice. I'm good with helping people out, trying my best to explain step by step how to do something. Do you have previous experience moderating?: The experience I have with moderation extends past just being a moderator. I keep up my own website and take care of it with no help. Do you have previous experience with Tekkit?: I just started to use Tekkit, but I am picking up on it very fast.
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