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  1. Okay so as the title suggests I'm building the death star, may post pics if it ever gets done. Now does anyone have any good ideas for what I should make this monstrosity out of?
  2. Your In Game Name: elmarko98 Your age: 16 Where you are from: England Something about you (optional): Just a regular old teenager Why you want to join the server (optional): It's quite simple: Build an automatic powersuit factory and distribute it across the population, earning billions.
  3. I'm sure I've got everything right, I made a 5x5 water pool with the reactor in the middle and had control rods ready but the turbines don't do anything. They're directly above the water with nothing between it and the water and they just don't turn even when the reactors at full heat. No energy's made either. Any help is appreciated, thanks.
  4. Doesn't for me, I've literally spent hours trying to get it to work. First I couldn't get the modpack to download, and when I fixed that I couldn't launch it so I reinstalled the modpack and then I couldn't get it to download. So yeah, really doesn't work for me. And even try to help I've spent all day trying to fix it, the forums weren't helpful at all.
  5. Because FTB's launcher is shit (for me at least) and it just doesn't work I decided to change Direwolf20's new modpack over to Technic, I copied the files over from FTB and installed the required version of forge into the modpack.jar. I got this error and I no idea how to fix it. Here's the crashlog http://pastebin.com/ZPuuntXy Any ideas how to fix it?
  6. Nope not yet, Pendor's proving tricky for the Imperial Army of Caladria, one day though...one day.
  7. Played that too EDIT: And I conquered Caladria
  8. Hmm, might give it a go but science fiction has never truly been my thing. Anything others?
  9. I've played Civilization V and IV but because those games have different eras the modern era isn't that good. Is Alpha Centauri focused solely on the modern era? And what makes it different to the other Civ games?
  10. I've searched and searched for a game like this and my efforts have left me with no results so now I ask the public: Does anyone know a game that's like crusader kings (so it's turn-based) in a political sense but set in this time period. I don't mind the combat not being very tactical but if it has combat like a total war game or something close to that then that'd be fantastic. Oh and having nukes in-game would be nice too...very nice... Anyway that'd be really helpful if someone knows about a game like that, I'm considering getting into game development so if there isn't I'll probably mak
  11. Your constant gender changes make your genitals explode leaving you genderless. I wish I was the greatest coder in the world
  12. Bibblybooblyboo...heh still makes me laugh a little...and then I read his posts and facedesk again
  13. The City World generator might have problems with the new world gen introduced in Voltz, not 100% sure but that could be the problem. It depends on whether the City World affects the world underground as well as the surface. Does it spawn subways perhaps?
  14. Granted but it turns out the series is awful and millions of Americans die from disappointment. I wish that my Internet was half decent.
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