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  1. Cool, is anyone able to provide a full list of things that it is best to remove from the server (not just the nukes)
  2. Will I be able to block the placement & activation of blocks with conventional bukkit plugins such as essentials or creeper heal
  3. Hi, I am an avid minecrafter and have just come across this new box o' tricks called "tekkit". After playing around with it I found a few deadly blocks (such as nukes) and i would like to be able to stop them from destroying the landscape. is there any way to prevent these dangerous blocks like iTNT & nukes from dealing block damage. Please note that as I am new to tekkit, I do not know of any other deadly blocks that I should know of so feel free to treat me like a n00b (I do however know all the bits & bobs to do with the standard bukkit server)!
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