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    M-C got a reaction from Lethosos in Kitty Jail 2: You Can (not) Escape   
    Inactive or no, as a Kitty Jail user, I obviously have to leave a mark on our prestigious secondary Kitty Jail thread.
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    M-C got a reaction from TheBytemaster in Kitty Jail 2: You Can (not) Escape   
    Inactive or no, as a Kitty Jail user, I obviously have to leave a mark on our prestigious secondary Kitty Jail thread.
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    M-C reacted to hotdogdude23 in Tekkit Classic Server Need Help and staff   
    lol getout me car bruh im in optic on cod so stfu. also i ddos pple and im pro tekit plyer so fk u. im 12 and horny
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    M-C reacted to Soupa in Tekkit (fan?) Art   
    4 u
    not really i drew this a while ago hohoho
    also its not a loliĀ 

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    M-C got a reaction from Unehydrodyday in Crazy characters in video gaming   
    Pity I never bought that game. I played it at my friend once, but never got to see some of his craziness.
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    M-C got a reaction from Unehydrodyday in Crazy characters in video gaming   
    Because I always seem to like the crazy characters in video gaming the most, I decided to make a thread about them.
    Post crazy characters that you like! Crazy could mean mental, psychotic, a high amount of weirdness, etc.

    I'll start off the thread with Albedo from the Xenosaga series. (A JRPG)
    This crazy bastard not only has horrifying theme song, but also does some insane things in-game.
    Also, his hair's definitely 1 on the scale of Albedo. (See what I did there?)

    His theme song:

    Him doing creepy/weird stuff:

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    M-C got a reaction from rcmaehl in How to make a server   
    So, I've seen quite some posts with people asking how to make a server now, so I'll try to explain how to make one:

    Step 1: Download the Voltz server file from technicpack.net

    Step 2: Download the Minecraft server.jar from minecraft.net and extract the contents
    Into the folder you want to use for your server using winrar

    Step 3: run the Minecraft_server file that you got from the jar

    (optional) Step 4: make a batch file so you can see errors or allocate a different amount
    of RAM to the server, copy this text into notepad (change the numbers to the amount
    of RAM you'd like to allocate):
    java -Xmx2048M -Xms2048M -jar minecraft_server.jar nogui.
    Now Save it, remember to do save as, and not just the normal save. You
    need to save this as a .bat file, on the bottom you should choose "all files" instead of "text files"
    and name it something like "run.bat" or "voltz server.bat". The .bat part should always be in there.

    Step 5: open the jar you ran in step 3 using winrar, right click, select "open with" and choose Winrar. One of the maps in the Voltz server file should be called: Voltz.jar. Put all the contents into the server.jar you just opened with Winrar.

    Step 6: Run the Minecraft_server.jar again

    Step 7: You see that some new maps were
    added to your server folder. The mods, coremods and config maps.
    Just drag and drop the mods, coremods and configs from the Voltz folder
    into the Server folder.

    Step 8: Try running the server once again, just to check if it works.

    (optional) Step 9: Set the server properties to the way you like it, for example turn
    mob spawns off, or make your server whitelisted or anything like that. Do this by opening the PROPERTIES file with notepad. You can for example set mob spawns from true to false in here, and all kinds of other things

    Step 10: You have to portforward, by some (many) this is considered the hardest part of making
    a server. You should look up a video on portforwarding for your type of router, since for every router you have to portforward in a different way. I'll try to explain. But remember, it might be different on your router. First, press the start button and go to cmd, type 'ipconfig' in cmd and press enter. You want to look for the numbers after 'standard gateway'. Found them? Well, just type the numbers in your web browser. You should now get to your router's website. There should be something like toolbox, or gaming&application sharing or anything close to that. You want to create a new application here. Call it anything you want, just 'Minecraft' is okay. Now there should be something like, UDC, TCP and both. You want to select 'both' because we want both UDC and TCP. The port you want to open is 25565, if it asks for a second port just type 25565 in there aswell. Now the port should be opened. You might have to assign the port to be opened though. There should be something like 'assign a new application' or something close to that. Press that, and select the 'Minecraft' port we just made. The port is now open and ready to connect your friends to your system.

    Do you want to know your ip? Just go to the website ipchicken, it'll display your ip. People will join your server through this ip, so give that one to your friends.

    Your server should be working now.
    Did I forget anything?
    Tell me! And enjoy playing with your friends!

    (Still things being added) Common fixes to problems:
    -Redownload all the coremods, mods, configs etc.
    -Remember to put the CONTENTS of the 'Voltz.jar' into your minecraft_server.jar
    -If people can't join your server you probably haven't portforwarded right, make sure you've followed the step of portforwarding correctly.
    -If someone (you) is trying to join the server and it says that you're missing a lot of the mods, you've got a wrong pack version or just a wrong pack, make sure you have the RIGHT version and make sure it's VOLTZ.
    -My .bat file won't open the server! : make sure you've got the .bat file in the same folder as the launch server, and also make sure you've copied the text correctly.
    -There's no mods or coremods or configs folder, so I can't put the mods and configs in! : remember to launch the server again after putting the contents of the 'Voltz.jar' into the minecraft_server.jar, launching it again will generate these folders.

    If you have a question or it's still not working, just go ahead and ask! I'll try to help.