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  1. hello all when i try to launch voltz from tech launcher it will try to launch voltz but then ill get a white help box for like 20 sec and then it will close and voltz will launch but the screen stays white. anyone have any idea's how fix this??

    current tech launcher i have atm is

  2. to me it isnt norton i hate it, and causes problems when you try take it off Avg just lame cuz messes with your game play when it trys run scan as for mcAfee is doesnt and mcAfee to me is best, and my pc is clean to bone

  3. im trying to redownload tekkit agin and my mcAfee telling me im downloading a virus/ trojan that could harm my pc.. is this right? can u plz check your laucher befor i go any closer to allowing it dl on my pc... first time i downloaded it i had no problem now this time i gave me warning.

  4. what i was trying to say were they trying to tell me deleted all listed mods files listed above or is there another folder i must look in. cuz he said ( See your mods list? There are several with the exact same name. It doesn't really matter which one of each you delete. It looks like they failed to delete when you updated.) and when i look inside my folder there arnt any that are the same

  5. are you telling me deleted everthing listen above that says in (mods) i looked inside my folder nothing is same except compressed zipped files lol loads of them from today after update

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