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  1. gonna check it out later.. But why teleporting/warping plugins when there's already mods in the pack that provide that in a more balanced way?
  2. Also sct is not a Muslim but everyone wants him to be.
  3. I'm hesitant on this one simply because of the Taint mechanic. Perhaps if taint spread were turned off.
  4. I think that's fine as long as these three conditions are met: 1. No insecure flash 2. No audio 3. Usage of the launcher is not interrupted
  5. IGN: bwillb What is your favorite mod in the pack? One of my long-time favorite mods has been Tinker's Construct, but I'm quickly becoming obsessed with Witchery! (even though I'm still a noob at it...) are you a builder, explorer, or tech genuis? Explorer more than anything, I think. I like to get my Tinker's Construct equipment going and then see what kinds of fascinating things I can get stuck into. How well do you know the mods? I know Tinker's Construct pretty well. Most of the others I've used a bit but I'm no expert. Age: 28
  6. Advanced Portals. Or Sync if you want to have a version of you in each location. edit: Also Waypoints, but I've never used those so I'm not sure how they work.
  7. I'd just like to skip past all the personal attacks that came after this and say that this would make me extremely happy in the 1.6.4 release of Tekkit. Sync is just so much cooler than every other teleport or clone related mod combined.
  8. It's supposed to be 1.6.4... what's the problem?
  9. You can find the minecraft jar in AppDataRoaming.minecraftversions1.6.4 It will be called 1.6.4.jar, but you can rename it.
  10. Have you played this modpack? You can have full diamond gear in your first 10 minutes of play.
  11. With the current B-Team config, they're not collectible. You start with all of them. Press H.
  12. I'm pretty sure the other files in bin, minecraft.jar and the natives folder, should be the same as vanilla 1.6.4. So try to just copy them over from vanilla or another modpack. No one here is going to send them to you because that's considered piracy.
  13. mirrors.technicpack.net is completely down, can't even attempt to download updated server version...
  14. Streaming the download screen, anyway! :D
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