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  1. Catalin is a bundle of sticks.

  2. Man, what is this modding project of yours that is chipping away your nights of sleep? I'm curious.

    1. Neowulf


      My 4 month old and migraine suffering wife are what's chipping away at my sleep. My current project is on hold till I can start eclipse without it looking like sanskrit. As for what it does is load a youtube video and render it to the side of screen block structure.
    2. Xylord


      Oh, an actual decent TV mod! Awesome. Keep us updated.
  3. Well, buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo. Right?

  4. Hi there, I found you, Blead...

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    2. Jorcer


      Well if i didn't know what it was I would have assumed it was a Viking as well. I actually like the Viking thing better than being a dwarf tho so thanks Green :)

    3. GreenWolf13


      No problem! In my opinion, there are too many funny dwarfs on the internet. What we needed was something new, something fresh. We needed a viking hacker.

    4. Jorcer


      And I delivered if I may say so myself

  5. I've found my new favorite quote. You want to kill me? You can't even kill my boredom.

  6. I was just wondering, could you have ever heard of a game named "Dofus"?

    If not, never mind, but it's because your username is actually one of the classes from the game.

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    2. Sacrieur


      Non, monsieur. Je ne suis pas français.

    3. Xylord


      Funny thing is... Me neither. I'm actually from the French part of Canada.

    4. Sacrieur


      That's cool, I'm from the American part of America.

  7. I just learned that some crocodiles can JUMP two meters high.

  8. God, I've ben trying to create a frame engine, but I'm seem to be just so bad at this... Your airship's engine is freaking awesome, it's two times more compact than mine, and mine doesn't even work. XD

    1. The_DarthMoogle


      Eh, it's just common sense, then rigorous troubleshooting. However, I'm tempted to put a tutorial up. :D

  9. ... Neon Genesis Evangelion? :D

    1. Meara
    2. Xylord


      Yes, I still got it. :D I would recognize this gif at one mile.

    3. Meara
  10. Hey, just noticed I was over the thousand post mark.

  11. Hé, j'ai entendu dire que t'avais un serveur tekkit an français, et je serais intéressé à le joindre, mais je pourrais pas dans les prochains jours. Est-ce que tu pourrais me PM l'adresse IP?

  12. You have the best avatar in the world. I feel like I could stare at it for hours.

  13. This is the worst use name ever. Sorry, but... You really didn't have any other idea? I mean, even CoD904 would have done it, you know.

  14. I was just wondering, could it be that you were on TerrariaOnline? There was someone with your name on it. Not like it's that RARE of a name, though.

  15. Lord, I always thought I was the only one on earth to have played Spore.

  16. The horrible moment when you get ads from a lesbian dating agency, and you're a straight man... OH GOD WHY.

  17. I prefer Supah Hakahs...

  18. Hi there hacker.How fun is it to be 112 years old and to have millions of posts? Oh wait, that's right, you're a mod, you're going to ban me.

  19. We all come to this moment in our life when all that's left in the what's new page is people not downloading the good version of java...

  20. Note to oneself : Never convert a diamond into cobble with EE...

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