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  1. hey man that amazing. although i would like to see the code cause media fire is not working with thew code it says its been taken down or somthing.
  2. Fionn


    hey guys i need some help with turtles first off i wnat them to mine out a area then when they are full i need them to come over to a chest and somhow unload (if that is possible plz tell me how) then get back to work so ya if u guys can help it is apreciated. so ya.
  3. warp thats not funny but seriosly i know how to right code its getting the info from the machins and playing it on a monitor
  4. hey everyone i have a slight problem. i need my computer in minecraft to send to a monitor the reading i get from other machins like the querry or lights i just need a program and tutorial about how to set this up. hope u guys can help.
  5. i have to say ur a lot smarter then me i cant even get a computer to take my code
  6. Fionn


    hey if i could pick any i would pick because its a really cool mod and it would just go great with the game.
  7. Fionn


    Hey guys whats up. as u may know. the wepons mod has been taken out of the game. welli have a question. if you could add any mod to tekkit what would it be? please leave a comment about what mod and why you would want it in the game.
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