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  1. I know this is the wrong place, I wasn't allowed to post in the right place -.- I have played the technic version of the technic pack, the normal technic launcher has no issue. I've been wanting to try tekkit for a while, however, after downloading the installer, the moment I start it, It gives me a BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death), pointing out the error was caused by the launcher (Exact path). Trying the jar, it again, throws a BSOD, without path. My desktop survived without damage. I am running windows 7 home premium 64 bit, with proper updates. I decided to try and run either of the launchers on my laptop, this worked, for once, the second time, it AGAIN BSOD'd, with much worse results, the version of windows on my laptop got corrupted. (I thus, had to reinstall windows, and lose all my files on the laptop; being a proper backup-er, not an issue) A week later, after discussing, I posted this thread, with a reason, As shown below. We, Gaming Nerds, now named 'The clan' posted this thread as notify of the current 'Listed as dangerous' status of the Tekkit launcher. Becouse of our standards, I am hereby informing you that the clan will classify Tekkit as dangerous software, until this issue is fixed. Deletion of this post, without proper reason, For reasons such as cencoring the issue, will result in Tekkit being on the list of dangerous software, for ever. The clan will not distribute any additional information, as 'The technic pack' has been put on a blacklist, for known reasons. ( Using mods such as Industrialcraft², Buildcraft, and Redpower2 without permission, We do not care if there is current permission, one blacklisted, always blacklisted.) Confirmation mark: 52643 By the way, Congratulations, this forums rules are erroneous. (Memes are not allowed, however, one showing a police-dog is on the rule-post.)
  2. As DarthMoogle said ModloaderMP mods will tend to hate forge mods. Generally, mods that change alot of basefiles are incompatible to. (Siggy) ------------------------------------------------------------- Says memes are not allowed; uses meme in rulepost. Congratulations tekkit, you have ruined 433 childhoods.