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  1. i get this aswell, ssp and smp, or i did with 1.3.5 at least, when i try get 1.3.9, when it launches it just gives a white screen and the launcher window doesnt close
  2. it would be nice if thaumcraft(+thaumic bees) and optifine were allowed now that its an official pack, also the rest of the metallurgy would be nice (fantasy metals etc
  3. Title: world generation freeze Version: 0.5.1 OS: windows 7 home premuim Java Version: um..... Description of Problem: when i make a new world, it gets stuck on building terrain Error Messages: none Error Log: none
  4. hey man, do you think you could make a hack/mine server program that you can just download and run? if its possible and you have time, that would be amazing. thanks again for the amazing mod. bye!

  5. compatability with elemental creepers mod.... = ELEMENTAL ROFLCONDAS!!!!!!=D
  6. im not sure, could it be the others are using the wrong ip? are they LAN or online connecters? i would really love that program by the way, i want to play some hack/mine LAN with my friends really badly but im no good with all this complicated version changer and things=(. i really just want to be able to download something, run it and play it(prefeably with a bit of running istruction=))
  7. it kinda works, it just glitches the hell out of the inventory and everything else, would be nice if it was made compatible,pretty sure singleplayer commands just crashes it straight out=( i am also looking for a hack/mine 0.6 server program download where you can just download, run and play with friends over LAN=)
  8. If this works then thanks so much (i just back up my worlds first) though currently i cant try it because it needs to re-download and i was using a friends log in and he changed the password so i'm still stuck but thanks for trying to help anyway Sam, i appreciate it. also back to the earlier topic, good to know i'm not the only one but to the best of my knowledge nothing has changed yet.
  9. not sure, my tekkit is currently dead, when i go in its like theres no mods on except nei and the spawner one, possibly a couple others that dont add items that im not aware of ( i am using the currently latest tekkit version (dev build)) help with this problem would be great aswell
  10. Title: auto crafting problem Version: 3.0.3/3.0.4 OS: not sure Java Version: not sure Description of Problem: just a small problem with the automatic crafting table mk2, sometimes doesn't register it has the needed resources to craft the specified item. i can fix this temporarily manually by taking something out and replacing it but this is very annoying, please fix this soon so my automatic diamond factory works completely, thank you, that's the only problem. you may be interested to know it converts 64 coal, 8 flint and 4 clay into 1 diamond at its most basic form. Error Messages: none Error Log: none
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