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  1. How hard would it be to make each dungeon act as a new set of dimensions? At the risk of making it sound too much like WoW, could you not have each dungeon be accessed through a portal to an instance of it, then delete that map when it's either been finished or is empty of people. Re-entering a portal to a place with a map that has been deleted would regenerate that same dungeon, unless there was some reason it should not, such as it containing unique loot or something. If you want, I'll post a flowchart of the logic for this.

    Just make sure nobody can get Corrupted Blood.

    This concept may not be terribly hard to implement*, but you do need to keep in mind the amount of memory such a system would need. Whenever a group of people went into an instanced dimension, the server would have to generate the area they were in, or at least put a version of a premade map into memory for them to play on. If you have multiple groups of people running the same instance, then you would have multiple versions using up more and more memory and eventually bogging the server down.

    Now if you meant that the entire server would have only one copy of the dungeon, and when that one copy is completed and vacated it is deleted then remade. That would save much on the memory side of things (think a 40-man run instead of a 5-man).

    *note, I have not even breathed towards the code in this and in no way want my hypothetical brouhaha to be thought of as fact for that one statement.

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