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  1. I believe this is an issue with the air block. Any kind of teleport tool like Tele++ or the compass do not work unless you can interact. Hopefully an easy fix and a lot of plugins will be functional!
  2. LogBlock works mostly for us. Sometimes you place the tool block and just get zero results though. Not as in 'no edits', it simply doesn't query SQL. Restarts usually fix it.
  3. Because PEX doesn't display prefixes on its own. You need HeroChat, mChat, or whatever else strikes you fancy.
  4. Again, set the fakeplayers to your builder rank. There is NEVER a good reason to op them.
  5. Opping fakeplayers is the laziest and dumbest thing you can do for your server. The plugin (or any plugin) doesn't know that JoeBlow's quarry is the quarry editing the world so it will rip right through your spawn, LWC, or anything else that is op-only. Set the fakeplayers to builder rank or whatever else you use for regular players. In your Factions config there will be a setting for "playersWhoBypassAllProtection" That's where you would place [buildCraft] and whatever else. Again though, that means any fakeplayer can always bypass protection and I am sure you can imagine the amount
  6. You should be running this version of WorldEdit (No, it doesn't need to match the AlienX version): http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/worldedit/files/16-world-edit-5-4-2/ Pull those other plugins throwing exceptions and you should be fine.
  7. You should get an error like "User is not on the default ladder" I never used the weights because the rank was always enough. I have no idea what they even do, but otherwise your file looks fine. You still need to 'group set' to go from "player" to "staff" though since that is the end of that ladder.
  8. Wat? It is. This is exactly what he wanted. 2 + 38 = 40. Then divide by 2.
  9. What are you viewing chunks with? We had the exact same problem in our spawn (which is permanently loaded with MultiVerse). Always had to open the cpu for 'startup' to work. Turns out the monitor was not completely in the chunk.
  10. logic { enableSounds=0 minInterval=38 .2 for the built-in minimum for the timer, plus 38 ticks give 2 seconds.
  11. http://canyouseeme.org/ Check port 25565. If it's not open then you need to adjust your firewall.
  12. What are you trying to disable first of all? If it's something EE-related you can disable any item through its config.
  13. No, that would just mean that your cpu is on top of your monitor. That doesn't necessarily mean it is the same chunk (Minecraft's 16x16x256 chunk). I promise you that's your problem. Edit: the WHOLE structure needs to be in one chunk. All the monitors and CPU.
  14. It's because your monitor and cpu are not in the same chunk. The entire thing must be in one chunk or you will have this problem. Turn on chunks with REI (or WorldEdit CUI with //chunk) and you can check to see if indeed that is your problem.
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