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  1. I mean physical strategy guides. Where its in your hands and what not. No one has made a physical strategy guide for minecraft and i'm thinking about starting and getting help from the people who made the mods for technic launcher to help me out of how to make and how ts used and what not for each item and do a lot of research and make my own then. I have connections with gamestop owners where I live and I'll just make my own and if anyone can beat me to it then thats fine with me because its called life and life does that. Well i'm just trying to help technic and when they get a chance to read this for themselves and if they take it into consideration they have my email info and I can get them hooked up with that but i'm done talking here its to late to keep this going at this time of night.
  2. I didn't say they weren't interested in money i said i knew about them paying for their own stuff I never said anything about them not interested. I'm just letting a new idea out their for them to try out and I didn't know there are strategy guides out their I wouldn't think anyone made any for minecraft at all thats why i'm going to technic with. And it might bring their reputation up if they sold it in a gamestop if it hit a high enough rate and a high amount of sells they could get gamestop later down the road about it. And if you talking about Wiki guides they suck I tried understanding what they are saying and I can't understand this half the time its just annoying and frustrating that I can't figure how to use the items on the new mods because its so hard to learn them.
  3. All i'm saying is that their could be a change and yes I know about the donation page i'm not stupid and yes I know they pay for things out of their pocket but its an idea not a demand. And didn't you read? I said if they sell strategy guides they can give some of the profit to the modders. I didn't say keep it for themselves I didn't say that at all. And why would I read around? this is a off topic post and not something serious. So I don't know why your on here telling me this useless info.
  4. Hey technic I was wondering and had a pondering thought that I know how you guys can get some money! I thought about if you guys made a strategy guide for Technic launcer!! For all the mods you have on your launcher you should make a strategy guide for all of them and sell it for some profit and share it with the modders if you wanted to i'm just throwing an idea out there. I'm still learning how this all works and I would love buy a strategy guide about all this new stuff and I know people learn it. But if you put all the new mod items in there and what they all do and what they are used for and how are they used for and how to make it and where to get it in order to make it and how far down of a level you need to be to find it and how rare it is and how much of it you can get. I'm just saying that you can make some profit off of it and I really think that the modders would actually get in on this. No one is talking about this so I hope you read this and I hope you take it into consideration on talking about and maybe make it. Cause i'm a go to guy and I can throw some ideas out their for you cause i'm super creative and have a lot of ideas. Well thank you for making Technic Launcher I love it so much I just hope you take the idea for some thought. You guys are the best!
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