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  1. i meant more like something that manages prefixes, because doesn't chat manager handle that? the prefixes never seem to work, sorry if i am not getting something. I am very new to this.
  2. hey can anyone recommend a chat plugin?? and when i say chat plugin, i mean something like chat manager. I am using PermissionsEX but i cannot get chat manager to work right and i am aware of an afk bug.Is anyone using anything else?
  3. Also, when I was first testing out my permissions.yml on my server it would only display the version. Then when i downgraded essentials it would say internal server error. My permissions file is below--It is not done, i only put it a few things in it before i decided to test it. Did i do anything wrong in the file?? And for the most part i took a template to make it because i am not very good at this. groups: Default: default: true prefix: '&e[Guest]&f' suffix: '' permissions: - modifyworld.* - modifyworld.chat.private - modifyworld.chat - essentials.help - essentials.list - essentials.motd - essentials.rules - essentials.spawn - essentials.afk - essentials.back - essentials.back.ondeath - essentials.balance - essentials.balance.others - essentials.sethome - essentials.home - essentials.ignore - essentials.kit - essentials.kits.tools - essentials.mail - essentials.mail.send - essentials.me - essentials.msg - essentials.pay - essentials.protect - essentials.signs.use.* - essentials.signs.break.protection - essentials.suicide - essentials.time - essentials.tpa - essentials.tpaccept - essentials.tpahere - essentials.tpdeny - essentials.warp - essentials.warp.list - essentials.worth - mineconomy.account.have - mineconomy.balance.check - mineconomy.balance.pay - mineconomy.balance.deposit - mineconomy.balance.withdraw - mineconomy.currency.set - mineconomy.help - mineconomy.bank.account.balance - mineconomy.bank.account.deposit - mineconomy.bank.account.withdraw - mineconomy.bank.account.create - mineconomy.bank.account.delete - mineconomy.bank.account.transfer - mcmmo.skills.* - mcmmo.ability* - mcmmo.commands.party - mcmmo.commands.ptp inheritance: null options: rank: '1000' build: true Member: default: false prefix: '&2[Member]&f' suffix: '' permissions: inheritance: - Default options: rank: '900' build: true Moderator: default: false prefix: '&5[Mod]&f' suffix: '' permissions: - modifyworld.* - essentials.ban - essentials.ban.notify - essentials.banip - essentials.broadcast - essentials.clearinventory - essentials.delwarp - essentials.ext - essentials.getpos - essentials.helpop.recieve - essentials.home.others - essentials.kick - essentials.kick.notify - essentials.kill - essentials.mute - essentials.setwarp - essentials.tp - essentials.tphere - essentials.tppos - essentials.tptoggle - essentials.unban - essentials.unbanip - essentials.weather - essentials.whois - essentials.world inheritance: - Builder options: rank: '800' build: true Admin: default: false prefix: '&c[Admin]&f' suffix: '' permissions: - -essentials.backup - -essentials.essentials - -essentials.setspawn - -essentials.reloadall - -essentials.plugin - essentials.* inheritance: - Moderator options: rank: '700' build: true Owner: default: false prefix: '&4[Owner]&f' suffix: '' permissions: - '*' inheritance: - Admin options: rank: '1' build: true
  4. I mean something like Chat Manager. I am using PermissionsEx but i cannot seem to get it working and there is an afk bug. So, I am looking for an alternative to this.
  5. hey can anyone help me with getting a chat plugin?? I tried using chat manager but none of the prefixes ever show up and whenever i try a command it says internal server error or the version just displays. I am using PermissionsEx so does anyone have any other suggestions for a chat plugin??
  6. What do you mean??? I am not very good with ComputerCraft, as I have been away for a few weeks now and I am very rusty and don't remember much.
  7. Hey everyone and I looked on ComputerCraft forums and whatever wikis I could find and nothing is explaining anything to me. On my server I decided to test out the ccSensors mod newly added in Tekkit 3.1.2. I am positive I have everything setup correctly, but when I try to run the ccSensors Sample Program, it says no such program on my comp. Can someone help??
  8. Ok thx, and by any chance do you mind giving me a link to the actual plugin? I am so lucky, cuz i am actually trying to make a local server with like 10 of my friends with almost the exact same specifications as yours, hahahah.
  9. Hey, I have a question, which jobs plugin are you using? and did you have to modify it for Tekkit or your towny/economy plugin?
  10. hey, im sorry in advnce for being a noob. but now that i have the downloaded the code, what do i do or where do i drag it into?
  11. Wait, then how do you get your monitor update every second or so? Is that included in the coding you released??
  12. Oh now i understand, so the machines dont exactly "turn off/on". Just that when they are being used, u put on the redstone current therefore showing up on ur monitor as them being "on". This whole thing is absolutely brilliant
  13. Hey this is absolutely amazing!!! but i have a Q, (sorry in advance if i sound like a noob) how do you control the machines with redstone? And how do you control everything and see the states (on/off) of everything? I have been scouring the internet and the ComputerCraft Wiki/Forums for a way to do this. It would be greatly appreciate if you could help me.
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