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  1. Changelog #8 (4/13/2014) - Cleaned up crappy plugins we aren't using - Changed out vanish plugin - Attempted to fix a bug with Enjin, reported issue to devs. - Accepted Melee as a new T-Mod - Began work on updating server. P.S NOVICA READ THIS This message is to one of the other Co-Founders. Don't post the changelog I sent you, That's what this post is.
  2. So just an FYI if anyone's keeping up with the changelogs, they're going to be pretty small changes from here for about the next month or so. Finals are coming up, and us Founders are all still in the educational system (mostly college). We have to spend a significant amount of time studying now. :/
  3. Changelog #7 (4/7/2014) - Began work on getting Votifier up and running - Tried to get another anti-cheat plugin working, to no avail. - Tried brainstorming ideas to keep technic thread post updated, as well as find other ways of getting players.
  4. Here's today's changelog. Changelog #6 (4/6/2014) - Did a lot of work behind the scenes for setting up our new staff members and making sure they know the guidelines and how to use their commands - Set up an AFK Booter plugin to prevent players from farming money - Nagged Callister to get the shop finished, or at least get some items setup to be sold.
  5. Changelog #5 - Two new members join our Staff team, welcome! - Began work on getting the shop started - Spring break is over, so begin the slowdown on getting things done.
  6. Oh boy, another change-log everyone. Changelog #3 (2/14/2014) - Fixed a bug in towny where the Nether was claimable. Only supposed to have towns in the Overworld. - Begun process to get donor ranks setup, as well as the back-end stuff so we can even accept donations. - Same idea as above in regards to staff applications. This changelog is a little 'sadder' then the others. College work picks up near the end of a week for me, so don't expect to see too much done between Thursday to Saturday.
  7. Today's Changelog below. Changelog #2 (3/13/2014) - DISABLED ADVANCED GENETICS MORE-HEARTS ABILITY Read on the forum that there was a bug with this that made it possible to get hundreds of hearts. No. - DISABLED MORPH ABILITIES (TEMPORARY) Aparently the disable-early-game flight config setting is broken. Emergency disable of all abilities to preserver server balance. Abilities WILL be re-enabled when fixed. - ADDED an announcement plugin.
  8. Hey guys! As part of an ongoing effort to keep our players updated on exactly what's happening in the server, I've started keeping a detailed changelog for everything we do on the server. I'll post daily/semi-daily updates here (or one of the other Founders will, whoever gets to it first ) Changelog #1 (3/11/2014) ------------------------ - Server update to 1.0.9c - Plugin Clean-up, not well documented. Opps. - Adventure world added! (This is to make up for the fact our overworld didn't generate some mod's terrain features... Like bamboo... >.>) - Made so players could only claim land for Towny in specific worlds. Adventure, Nether, and Spawn are now no-town worlds.
  9. We just fixed a major bug with Towny. Towns should now actually be secure against raiding, including the majority of mod containers and items. Also, the tree of life (you'll have to log in to see, it's hard to miss) is no where near cut down yet. GG. I should also note, a few players have inquired about the Purge events. They are on hold until we have a stable player-base and there are some towns that are well-established.
  10. Does no one else want to see Extra Utils added, or did this thread just get burried without many people seeing it?
  11. With the recent addition of Extra Utilities to tekkit, I was wondering if adding it into Attack of the B Team was an option you guys could pursue. I know Generikb and the gang are handpicking the mods to be added, but I think something like Extra Utils would be helpful, not just to them, but to the other server owners as well. I could find a few uses for a sound dampener (I'm looking right at you, dragons...). Maybe it's something that could be suggested to the B-Team to see if they approve of it's addition?
  12. There's alot of suggestions trying to get to an IP/port conflict, but have you tried simply looking through your task manager and force-closing all processes relating to java? That's usually my issue when I get something like that, is there's a server running in the background but for some reason the console isn't showing up, so I have to go close the process. Note: Process tab, not the default application tab. It's a simple solution, and with you saying you restarted the computer entirerly, not sure it'll work, but it's worth a shot at least.
  13. I believe this'll happen when your login info gets kinda mixed up in the launcher. Restart your client, AND restart the launcher (DON'T just exit the game, and restart it, close the entire launcher so nothing relating to the technic pack is open, then restart from there). Usually that fixes it for me. DO NOT put your server in offline mode, unless you are absolutly sure no one, ever, can access the server except those you want to.
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