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  1. 1. What is your Minecraft name? goldenleader01 2. How old are you? 15 3. Previous tekkit exp.? Buildcraft mostly 4. Why do you wan't to join? Play tekkit on a good-sized server 5. What can you bring to the server? We'll have to see. 6. What is my name? Joe 7. Anything you wan't to tell about yourself? My name is Joe 8. Your location and timezone in GMT: Location USA and timezone is EST 9. Tell us shortly about yourself: I play tekkit and I don't talk all that much 10. Do you agree the rules? Yes, I agree
  2. Age: 15 From: Ohio, USA IGN: goldenleader01 Games I play: Skyrim, CoD, Battlefield 3, Tekkit, Minecraft, Borderlands 2 etc. experience with tekkit: I am great with all the "old stuff" so I just play tekkit. I also love to just find a place away from everyone else because I usually create a nuclear reactor. Position (Builder,mod/admin, member, other): member Mostly available (Night, Day, Weekday, Weekend): Weekend Even though I am not over the age requirements I feel I am mature enough to join the server because I mostly keep to myself and very lonely at times.
  3. Name:Joseph IGN: goldenleader01 Age:15 Favorite Tekkit Mod: Buildcraft What is your favorite activity besides minecraft? Cross Country, and hanging out with friends. Tell us a little about yourself: (3-5 sentences is preferred) I am very lonely and I like to get stuff done by myself. I really have a few core friends because I am very "choosey". I love cross country because I just like to run. I am very crazy with nuclear power on tekkit... That is about it. Tell us about something you like about yourself: Hard-working Tell us about something you don't like about yourself: Procrastinator
  4. IGN: goldenleader01 Age: 15 Experience with Tekkit: Haven't played for a while but I love nuclear power. How long you have been playing for: Around 3-6 months What you are good at (Buildings, etc.): Nuclear power, getting general resources and energy. Why you think you would be a good addition to the server: I will be a good addition to the server because I can help people with my expertise and I can be a good role model by not griefing etc.
  5. Member App: IGN: goldenleader01 Age: 14 Country/Timezone: USA, Eastern Tekkit Experience: I am great with machines but am not so good at EE Reason for joining: I am looking for a server where no PVPers will kill you all the time Have you read the rules: Yes How long have you played tekkit: 4 months What you feel you can contribute: I can contribute my time and expierience to the server. Time you can contribute to the server: Pretty much the same as that ^
  6. IGN: goldenleader01 Reason Behind wanting to join? I want too play on a wonderful server where you can't get griefed or pvp Will you follow rules as stated above? Yes
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