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  1. Well, it would seem that Mr. Tom has either abandoned this, or stopped getting notifications for it...
  2. I'm starting to realize that what I want isn't quite so much to go adventuring (though that's a part of it), but to build and maintain a guild. That base will be awesome! (I already have an idea for one in my head, and there will probably end up being multiple stations.) I'm wondering if anyone here would be interested in a more organized group within the server?
  3. IGN: Draken09 SKYPE(Must have): Dragonmagiccircle (Draken09) Experience: With Minecraft, over three years. With Hexxit, several hours. Age(16 or OLDER): 17 years. Pros & Cons about yourself: Pros: Polite Extremely honest Enjoys working in a team Understands what things are like for a server owner (I ran my own for a while, semi-privately) Can work with almost any personality that is not "pervert". Not a griefer. No profanity whatsoever. Enjoys a good community and chatting with people! Likes to help other players. I can lead or follow, and listen well. Cons: Sometimes becomes a w
  4. I'm getting the same problem. I also just updated Java a few minutes ago, so it's whatever the latest is. (I'm also on Windows 8, and just even uninstalled my antivirus... Probably not a smart move though.)
  5. I believe I am having the same problem. The game works and I can take items out of NEI, but I can't craft anything non-vanilla. Unfortunately I can't find a spoilers option as this is rather long, but here's my log: -snip- Actually it would seem this is a server bug for Tekkit (at least for me), as my friend has the same problem.
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