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  1. if you find any bugs please report them on the IRC :)
  2. open launcher and click the gear and check the Use Beta Launcher Builds **WARNING** Some ModPacks Like Hack/Minecraft & YogBox! the 1.6.4 modpacks are also unstable and some of your modpacks that you have downloaded might be corrupt when opening it!
  3. Me and my friend was playing on our server with Hexxit until we encountered the server crash. it has something to do with generation with chocolate mods http://pastebin.com/jbnEbN5g we cannot join the server due to that error
  4. white screen of death?? if it is we are waiting for this fix Technic Crew are working on this i think....
  5. There is one way that fixed my problem is create a other modpack technicpack.net > create modpack >> Done if that doesnt work please check a youtube video
  6. the needed files check technic webpage like class files unles i derp'd out
  7. when you drag and drops files needed from minecraft.jar into modpack.jar Always Place forge In First!! and your zipped modpack must be in a file server like dropbox NOT MEDIAFIRE OR Any Stupid servers like that Use dropbox much safer!
  8. do you know anything about whitescreen after Mojang screen using custom modpacks maybe a fix?

  9. Hi. When i launch up my modpack it comes up with a whitescreen on the modpack after the Mojang Screen. i checks FML Logs and i got this. PASTEBIN LINK: http://pastebin.com/nb3WmxhB <-- i edited out the boring parts of loading mods Full FML LOG: http://pastebin.com/hDT7LFWX **I Have HighLighted The Important Bits If That Helps!**
  10. Does anybody know Tekkit will be updated in time for minecraft 1.3 because i want the new items when minecraft 1.3 is OUT Mc 1.3 Relesed Date 1st aug 2012