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  1. Being spammed with donation requests every minute by the server and Owner makes for an unenjoyable experience.
  2. White-List apply form 1. Exthero or ExtheroTM I play as either. 2. I'm in my later 20's. 3. I am from the U.S. 4. I build whatever I'm in the mood to build. 5. I play Tekkit as a break from Steam games/360 games and work. 6. Rules are simple to follow. I have no problems following rules. 7. Would like a server where I can build without the threat of being killed or raided. 8. N/A no questions or inquiries.
  3. Be sure to keep this thread informed, I like the server and the people on it seem to be of high caliber. hope all is fixed soon
  4. The server uses clag that clears about every 10 to 40 seconds but doesn't really help as the server is still very laggy and causes more of a problem then what it fixes, also towny appears to be for donators only. If I had to rank this server i would give it a [6/10] if they lost clag and the server was a bit less laggy I would give it atleast an [8/10]. For example clag was clearing about 10 to 20 entities and there was about a half second delay. If someone logs in or out you experience a lag spike.
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