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  1. Why would you think its a hate thread when people are just pointing out that your dishonest? Many people have now pointed out your dishonesty, all with proof. People don't hate you or your server but like myself, I think players have a right to know that what your advertising is not the truth, someone comes on your server, puts in time and effort to build something only to find out days later that your server is shit, constantly lags and suffers from alot of griefing. Did you think that people honestly wouldnt pick up on all this? You have been claiming since the very start of this thread that this server was on a dedicated machine, and that the machine has 24 gig, at no point did you say your server is sharing with other servers. You say 'No Lag' in your original post about 8 times, yet obviously your server is lagging ALOT. And only when your smacked with screenshots and solid proof, do you actually admit to all of this. At least we know what Voltz devs are officially endorsing now. I for one will be happy when the official mod api comes out.
  2. According to your domain ip lookup, you are indeed hosting from Fluctis. Im suprised at you iWireless, I was all ready to give you the benefit of the doubt but you are being dishonest about a lot of things in this thread. http://ip-lookup.net/? inetnum: - netname: FLUCTISVPS1 country: FR descr: Fluctis Hosting admin-c: OTC2-RIPE tech-c: OTC2-RIPE status: ASSIGNED PA mnt-by: OVH-MNT source: RIPE # Filtered
  3. Not sure but I expect they would have fixed this with 1.0.7 anyways
  4. It would be easier if you checked the minecraft forums for server hosting, just pick one that allows custom jars.
  5. You can manually install Optifine, works perfectly. Just move the files into the Modpack.jar within the voltz/bin folder and your good to go.
  6. hotfix is here: http://calclavia.com/forum/index.php?threads/problem-in-new-build-1-0-6.18/
  7. http://www.mcportcentral.co.za/index.php?topic=3560.msg21222#msg21222
  8. MC 1.4 will wipe the slate clean again anyways, for one mc port central will no longer be needed, if this makes tekkit easier or harder is another question I guess.
  9. Personally I use BC pumps to pump lava into a small 1x3 (2 deep) tank, then use 3 IC pumps above that to auto fill the cells which also puts them into adjacent chests. swapping them for ender chests and a world anchor you could have it all pretty much automated.
  10. Are you sure the anchors are still there? When I tried i pressed F9 to show the anchor, then i deleted it and toggled F9 (twice) and the anchor no longer showed.
  11. Any reason why this fix is 64KBs smaller than the original? (Original is 175KBs, your fix is 111KBs)
  12. I was under the same impression Phuriousgeorge, I just tried the 'die and load saved inventory' exploit on my server, glad to report, it didnt work. Are there any other known exploits with NEI? I would much prefer to keep the server side files for the sake of customising the inventory list. (for the sake of clarification, this is on tekkit 3.1.2 with NEI version
  13. NoItems, DisableCraft, WorldGuard, Grief Prevention and removing NEI server side will prevent most if not all griefing but its alot of work setting all this up. also alot of EE will bypass the said mentioned plugins, personally we have removed it completely.