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  1. Google Image Search the different kinds of buildings you want (i.e. skyscraper, lighthouse, bridge, highway, town hall, etc. etc.) and take general ideas from these buildings.  Don't bother trying to clone them, just take bits and pieces, especially things that look easy to replicate with blocks.  Also, try Carpenter's Blocks in addition to microblocks, if possible.

  2. I have both fusion.hosthorde.net and the IP on your Enjin site as servers in the server list, hosthorde.net can't connect at all, the direct IP (from the Enjin site) gives the outdated-server error.  Entering the direct IP you gave me (that ends in 835) into Direct Connect just makes it say java.net.ConnectException: Connection refused: No further information.  If I set it as the IP for a regular server in my list, it pings it for a second or so then says it can't connect.

  3. Why would it make a difference? Blackgear is no more its called gearworks now :S. And whats to copy in the first place everything on mine is different.


    gearworks is a community, not a server btw

    Powerpin hosts two servers, GoldenGear and BlackGear.  Yours is called DarkGear.  There is a pretty clear similarity there.

  4. Here is my take on your questions, in order of appearance:


    1) The place to go to repot [sic] this is not here.  technicpack.net didn't pass the Internet Police's accreditation test last month and now they aren't certified.  Sorry.

    2) What to do?  Find a new server.

    3) Where to go?  A different server.

    4) Who to talk to?  Players on a different server.  (Ok I think you get it now.)


    Seriously though, just cut your losses and add a new IP address to your server list.  This server doesn't look like it'll be around long.  As for the bit about donations, I don't think donating (emphasis on donating) money to a server and not getting the promised returns is grounds for a lawsuit.


    TL;DR : If everything in your post is true, you don't need help.  This server is killing itself quite well without any assistance.

  5. Anytime.  Also, you might try cutting out the second computer and putting in a wired modem instead.  Connect a wired modem on the reactor computer port to a wired (not wireless) modem on the monitor computer, and use the reactor as a peripheral.  Saves you from having to run two computers or deal with wireless communication.

  6. It looks like your main loop runs once every second (if that is how long the sleep(1) function runs, I can't remember for sure.  I think so.).  With a few if-then statements, you should be able to get the functions to call at only certain values of i.

      if i=5 then do function1() end
    until i==0

    You could try it, at least.  You might also try looking into the parallel API on the CC wiki.

  7. The issue is with line 21 of the first script.  The function tries concatenate a string and the variable 'message'.  Since the error says that you're trying to concatenate string and nil, the problem is with this variable.  The variable is created on line 2, in another function.  Herein lies your problem:  Functions can't access each others' variables.  This is a concept called encapsulation (if I remember correctly) and it allows similar functions to share variable names without interfering with each other.  Change the getMessage() function to return the message variable, and use the function as a variable whenever you call it.  This should solve your problem.

  8. The word "local" in front of each variable indicates that the variable is specific to that script.  It is just the standard method of creating variables in Lua.


    Also, could you give us the exact error report that the computer gives you?  Also, does the program run but then crash at a certain point or refuse to run at all?

  9. Not to criticize your choices (that's for the modpacker to do, and that certainly isn't me), but I see a lot of magical mods, utility mods and... galacticraft, a tech mod?  Why the lone tech mod?  Anyway, good luck with your modpack.

    [Autocorrect tried to change 'modpack' to 'mudpack.'  Maybe I should just start letting it.]

  10. There are a lot of different definitions for 'griefing,' but in this case your best move would be to either contact the administration of the specific server your son uses or to find a new server.

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