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    Doomzzday01 reacted to Kaloy in [1.3.9]UniversalDigger PvP [Open][PvP][Ranks][Explosives]   
    SERVER IP:  ud.zcarl-gaming.com
    - Essentials - Anti Grief - Ranks
    - Keep Inventory When Died
    - 95% uptime

    - No Griefing
    - No Hacking
    - No Cheating
    - No Harrassment
    - No Spamming

    landmark, tier 1 rocket, chocobosaddlebag, safari net reusable, betterstorage backpack, dimentional
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    Doomzzday01 reacted to Curunir in Did you know?   
    Did you know that when inside any Thermal Expansion machine interface, you can quickly set the sides to "no connections" by shift-clicking them? Especially nice in complex machines where you otherwise have to toggle through up to six settings.
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    Doomzzday01 reacted to Munaus in Launcher for Android?   
    The guy you quoted posted that in 2012. He was last active in 2012. Do you think he will come back after 2 years to reply to you now?
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    Doomzzday01 reacted to TrovaGamer in Sharing my "new" idea the "ComputerCraft Web Bridge"   
    Current version: 0.0.1-InDev

    Very important note
    This program is dependendant on OpenPeripherals so you might want to install that mod or ask to your server admin to add to the server modpack sorry for the inconvenient

    Some days ago i posted an idea on this forum (http://www.computerc...post__p__178043)
    (if you dont want to see the post maybe you want to see this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gW0LUueZVdM)
    Tonight (00:07 here) im releasing the first dev version of this idea and citing some of what i said, this program its mainly focused for smp servers but if you want let your ssp world opened and then go to school/work/party ... well ...you can
    For now, my main problem is the time, but i hope it can be working (the program) in a few weeks, but i do really want to know what do you think about it

    Instructions for instalation:
    If its disabled, enable (ask to your server admin to enable) the http api of computercraft (just go to the config its very easy) Install on your computer the CCWP Installer copypasteringo ► pastebin get w4DZjPR3 installer Run the installer The installer program will automatically update a file called "installer" with the last version of it and will create/update a folder called CCWP wich contains all the codes to work with CCWP DONT DELETE IT. If you choosed to not have an startup file, you can run the main program with this command: "CCWP/webcontrol" When running it will throw a 10 alphanumeric code that is your "ComputerKey", copy and save it in a safe place Login to http://ccwp.herobo.com/ write your ComputerKey in the input box and click "Get Status" to see all your items in the web page! IMPORTANT NOTE
    Every computer running the program will throw a different Key, so you may need multiple windows if you run multiple instances of the program

    I hope to continually update this project, but i'll always welcome your reviews, suggestions, comments or whatever

    Feature List:
    Online view of connected chests Current Mods supported for storage view: Iron Chests Better Storage Applied Energistics (must connect via cable to a ME Controller) Changelog:
    20/10/14 0.0.2-inDev   Changed (again) the web server to a brand new one Changed web side login system to a simple key asking system, you only need the computer key to access the info Changed a bit the code so it won't overload the web server Still only allows visualization of inventories Edited install instructions on the main post 19/05/14 0.0.1-InDev First dev version of the app Features: Online view of storage Current Mods supported for storage view: Iron Chests Better Storage Applied Energistics (must connect to a ME Controller) WIP
    More mods compatibility Energy net view TO-DO list
    Web-side rs signals toggling
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