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  1. Let's say you forgot to include a fairly critical module on a fairly expensive cart. How do you reclaim the modules, to either repurpose them or create a different setup? For example, placed a galgadorian drill onto an advanced hull, and had everything except the bridging module necessary to make it through caves. This would be a devastating mistake in survival mode, and just plain annoying in creative (Gotta sift through all the modules again to remember what you need)
  2. I was just thinking of that. See what happens when when you don't have universal standards? :P
  3. Doesn't metric count as a standard that was agreed on, at least for scientific work?
  4. I'm actually in favor of having all the mods settle on one type of power API, and having an agreed upon standard for what should cost what in energy, so you don't get inadvertent duplication exploits, or one mod being rendered pointless because another does it better and more cheaply.
  5. What Alex said is what I'm confused about. They can just... not use bluetricity. Micro blocks, Redstone chips, and Redstone wires ^these alone are sufficient to include in the pack, all the bluetricity machines would be redundant. Those 3 things add soooo much to the game, and while I could maybe add it on my own for me and my friends, it just seems like it would be best for the mod pack to have it by default.
  6. I don't even know how UE has any bearing at all on RedPower since it uses Bluetricity to power its machines, and I only had microblocks and redstone devices in mind, which have nothing to do with UE at all. I could be mistaken, and if I am, tell me why. I just don't know what UE has to do with mod that doesn't even touch it.
  7. RedPower adds so much in the way of redstone features, both functional and aesthetic, that I find it a bit of a shame that this isn't part of the pack by default. Not all parts, mind you, but the microblocks, redstone wiring, redstone logic wafers, wireless redstone, and computers. This is a fairly recent mod pack, so I'm not sure what all they have planned. Vanilla redstone just really takes away from the whole feel of the mod. I mean, a bit of redstone dusted across the ground to activate a rail gun? Hilarious
  8. Sorry to double post, but here's an update. I tweaked the design a bit, and got it working with an overall gain in energy generation. It turns out that I had the things too far out, and that the outer ring was not generating any meaningful amount of heat at all. This diagram below is basically a cross-section of the inner chamber. The top of the containment right under the water NEEDS to be made of electro magnetic coils, NOT the glass variant, as it doesn't seem to heat the water. The bottom and sides may be composed of the electromagnetic glass, however. (This may be a bug) Plasma likes to spread out about 4 blocks outward, so this setup gives it more surface area to work with, and if I'm not mistaken, works better than the one shown in the tutorial, without the need of pistons and flowing water. Just use water on top of the electromagnets, and given the space on this design, the still water will re-fill any gaps created when it evaporates into steam.
  9. Just to test it, I made a large fusion generator, with 8 large turbines (72 turbines), and superconductor wiring feeding back into the power buffer battery box. The containment chamber is a doughnut 1 layer thick, and 3 blocks out. All turbines are spinning. The insides are filled with plasma and flames, and the turbines are all spinning. The power being generated seems to be only barely enough to sustain the reaction, and in fact, the battery eventually runs dry after a long time of usage. There is no net gain of power. It is literally more feasible to get power from heat generators (which are OP and should be removed imo, since lava never cools down, it's a more sensible heat source than anything but possibly solar power) Am I missing something critical, or is fusion power supposed to be posing the problems it does now, with it taking more energy to maintain the reaction than is actually gained?
  10. Thank you. I'm not sure if they check these forums, so I suppose I'll post there.
  11. The only relatively clean weapons are the poison explosives, everything else turns the landscape into swiss cheese. What mostly bothers me is that weapons with more of an 'anti-personnel' role end up turning the entire visible landscape into swiss cheese or worse, while often times leaving an enemy still alive. With certain weapons, it is OK that they do damage to the terrain, but it would be best if they only damaged terrain under certain situations, like being buried under several blocks. Is there a way to configure the damage to entities and terrain? The amount of collateral damage caused by explosives is obscene, made even worse when it flat out permanently destroys naturally generated terrain so that it can't be picked up and filled back in. (How does one 'destroy' dirt or sand? I've never seen sand vaporize into sheer nothingness from an explosive, just dispersed a little.)
  12. Well, it is intended to be stealth, not full invisibilty. Would it be possible for it to make the mobs less likely to aggro, or only see you if you are much closer than the typical detection range?
  13. That's the point, you could operate in an underground base, and only an X-rayer would find you. It would be useful in PvP situations if you're trying to get a jump on someone, or escape and hide.
  14. When all pieces of a nano suit are worn together, to have 4 different modes that can be cycled through. Armor mode - Provides a boost to protection. (This would be the default 90% protection) Travel mode - Like the quantum leggings, maybe less powerful, armor rating would reduce. Stealth mode - Always in 'sneak' mode regardless of what you're doing, high power drain, armor reduced. Strength mode - Provides a 'strength' potion effect, high power drain, armor reduced. Yeah, I'm ripping of crysis here, sorry XD I'm not entirely sure if this is possible either, for the game to detect if a full suit is being worn, and to force a player into sneak mode. Not even sure if it is possible for armor to change on the fly either.
  15. I have no idea how to program a computer, but I could manage wiring logic circuits together since it's a bit more visual. It would be best if you still needed to make the logic gate slabs, but they could be placed in this device. What kind of crafting cost should such a thing have, though?
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