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  1. Yay for double posts! Anyways, Have you tried contacting the votifier support? (If they have any)
  2. What I recommend is condensers taking out lava cells, into geothermal generators, This is the most effective way I have used,
  3. Of course, It would be more helpful if the actual thread itself explains it, Operating System: mac book pro, That's not an operating system, Go into the apple symbol and click about this mac to get the Operating System,
  4. Launcher Version: 358 Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium Java Version: 1.8.0-ea 64 bit Antivirus Program: Multiple, ESET Smart Security, AVAST and Microsoft Security Essentinals. Description of Problem: When booting the launcher, this crash sometimes happens. Error Messages: Default Crash Screen, A small box saying it has crashed, With Close Application and Generate report. Error Log: http://pastebin.com/r6T6RGDn
  5. *whispers* I swear I know you.

  6. Teraku is banned for being a DJ Pony, Stop impersonating. NINJAD, AprilElyse should be banned for ninjaing me.
  7. The server, is a great piece, The donators are nice (Except mana, The city freak). I don't see why anyone could hate it, Just good enough for me to apply for mod 10/10 Economy reset! :(
  8. Volts is for attacking enemy's, Missiles are needed to be crafted for war,
  9. Yes. I chose a rock genre, And I chose the band.
  10. You could try reinstalling voltz (Back up saves!)
  11. Well, Would you kindly give us the modpack url to see if it crashes on us? That way we can find the issue.
  12. AppleArts, Please Press o in the inventory.
  13. M-C should be un-banned for using words that confuse me, I BREAK THE SYSTEM!
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