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  1. All of the recyclers, the macerator and the furnace have the optimal number of energy storage, transformer and overclocker upgrades (5, 3 and 16 respectively), they process ores vastly faster than they come in. Thank you for posting, though, i will amend the orginal post

  2. Just a quick map I built, sorts out the drops from mining.

    First, it:

    ->Recycles the crap (cobble, dirt, gravel, flint, marble, thaumcraft gems, sand and sandstone), into diamonds (through two mass fabricators).2012-07-31_174008.png


    Then it:

    ->Seperates the remainder into two groups; one for ores, and the others for materials such as gems, coal, uranium, lapis and diamonds.


    Finally, it:

    ->Macerates the ores, smelts them, and puts them into a chest.

    Inputs: 1, alchemical chest

    Outputs: 3, alchemical chests, one for diamonds (from recycled crap), one for gems and other non-ore resources (e.g. coal, diamonds, lapis, uranium etc...), and one for smelted ores.

    This machine can be left running indefinitely, as it runs off of adjustable electrical engines, which do not overheat. It is also technically sustainable and renewable; as the electricity for both the engines, the macerator, recyclers, mass fabricators and electric furnace is supplied via two high-voltage solar array batteries.

    This machine can also handle different ores coming in at the same time; all of the IC2 machines have appropriate upgrades (16 overclocker, 5 energy storage and 3 transformer upgrades), these pretty much ensures that ores are macerated and smelted vastly faster than it is possible for them to enter the system (using the current setup, with four maxed out adjustable electric engines).

    There are three world files;

    ->The first two files are intermediary versions of the map, (these are included mainly for people to see the evolution of this map, and maybe for people to alter it to their tastes).

    ->The third file is the final version, which has been more extensively tested, and (to my current knowledge) has no bugs. It can handle a constant supply of drops, beyond what could be called a "reasonable" level ("reasonable" being defined as filling the input chest faster than it can be emptied).

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