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  1. I was reading on the forums that the perm gen is 256 if you allocate over 4gb of RAM. I happen to run a modpack with 131 mods, a 128x sphax texture pack, and GLSL shaders. FTB gives an option for additional java parameters so I can give it 512m of perm gen, allowing me to run at about 30-40 fps. This is inconvenient because I have to manually add the mods to the modpacks that exist. Technic is much more refined, but lacks java parameters. Would it be difficult to add this? With 8gb of ram allocated I assume it gives 256m permgen, which gives me 20-30 fps with lag spikes every half second, making it unplayable.

    Any workaround or plans to implement this?

  2. gem is better because it has no durability and all the perks it has you could just keep pounding the person with lightning in quantum armor and bring his armor durability down which will bring the defense down.

    You clearly didn't notice, but every possible argument for both has been put forward and the thread died. I'm surprised nobody locked it or something.

  3. If you want PVP definitely limit them from building super overpowered generators, armors, and if you want factions you have to disable things like quarries and other things that place or destroy blocks. Things you probably should ban:

    46 TNT

    126:3 Dark Matter Furnace

    126:4 Red Matter Furnace

    126:10 Nova Catalyst

    126:11 Nova Cataclysm

    127 Dark Matter Pedistal

    150:1 Block Breaker

    153 Querry

    155 Filler

    157 Builder

    158 Template Drawing Table

    179 Teleport Tether

    206:5 Priming Track

    207 Computer

    214 World Anchor

    214:1 Block of Concrete

    214:2 Block of Steel

    214:3 Infernal Brick

    216 Turtle

    216:1 Mining Turtle

    216:2 Wireless Turtle

    216:3 Wireless Mining Turtle

    237 Nuke

    239 Industrial TNT

    254:1 Forcefield Underwater Upgrade

    254:3 Forcefield Block Cutter Upgrade

    4095 Dimensional Anchor

    6362 REP

    7270 TNT Cart

    7303 Anchor Cart

    7310 Tunnel Bore

    26522 Dynamite (Balkins)

    26524 Cannon

    27526 Philosopher's Stone Just Banned Hold

    27527 Destruction Catalyst

    27530 Evertide Amulet

    27531 Volcanite Amulet

    27532 Black Hole Band

    27533 Ring of Ignition

    27535 Hyperkinetic Lens

    27538 Watch of Flowing Time

    27544 Dark Matter Shovel

    27547 Dark Matter Axe

    27555 Dark Matter Hammer

    27556 Catalytic Lens

    27564 Red Matter Pickaxe

    27565 Red Matter Shovel

    27568 Red Matter Axe

    27570 Red Matter Hammer

    27572 Red Matter Katar

    27573 Red Matter Morning Star

    27574 Zero Ring

    27575 Red Matter Armor (Chest Plate)

    27576 Red Matter Helmet

    27577 Red Matter Greaves

    27578 Red Matter Boots

    27579 Infernal Armor

    27580 Abyss Helmet EE-Armor

    Gravity Greaves

    27582 Hurricane Boots

    27583 Mercurial Eye

    27584 Ring of Arcana

    27593 Void Ring

    27594 Alchemical Tome

    30171 Quantum Suit Boots

    30172 Quantum Suit Leggings

    30173 Quantum Suit Body Armor

    30174 Quantum Suit Helmet

    30208 Mining Laser

    30214 Sticky Dynamite

    30215 Dynamite

  4. Yeah, but its all by one company with a horrible track record when it comes to understanding what people want from their product. If they had brought in the Forge folks, or Risugami, maybe things would end up doing well, but as is odds are remarkably slim.

    Didn't mojang bring in some bukkit devs? Mojang needs to make it so you can natively add mods in an easy to do way and have them automatically be compatible. I'm talking about something like the steam workshop. If there were to be an equivalent to this for minecraft, modding would be much improved in terms of access and installation. Also I'm sure mojang would make it easier to code mods or add a program like the skyrim creation kit. Basically if the minecraft modding community were as well supported by developers as the Skyrim community, we would not only see great mods like we already do, they would be 1 click install with auto-update and zero compatibility issues. I currently have 58 skyrim mods easily but if I wanted 58 minecraft mods it would be a pain in the ass to install if I'm not lucky enough to have them in the technic pack.

  5. Yes I think EVERYONE would be happier if Notch and Jeb focused on modding api instead of adding USELESS CRAP like witches, anvils, and whatever ludicrous devices are in it now. But this is beside the point. I intended this thread for someone to justify the insane price gap between them and nobody seems to be able to. It seems like all we can agree is that both have advantages and it comes down to the skill level of the user.

  6. Well I'm saying that the flowers are easy to do and while expensive require absolutely no mental effort to build.

    The other generators, while EXTREMELY OP, take a mind that knows enough about the game to do anything. I believe that the people who take the time and design something should be rewarded in turn. Also that one large investment should be able to pay off in the long run, similar to real life.

  7. Whoever made lava cells have an EMC value should be slapped.

    Not only can you exploit an oversight/mistake in mod agreement (above design), but you dont even have to bother to make an actual energy source to power it? >.>

    Also, @OP, the main reason most people use energy flowers is likely because a great number of servers explicitly ban anything other than energy flowers, as being unintentional exploits of various mod interdependencies. Doesn't mean most people are "uncreative."

    If it was overpowered then the good folks developing tekkit would have changed it around. Also you put "uncreative" in quotes for no reason. Sorry but that just really bothers me.

  8. Well most people who play with EE are going to become ultra dependent on Energy Flowers. Check the internet to find out how to do this. However for those of you SMART AND INDEPENDENT chaps, there's many amazing ways to get massive quantities of red matter for little cost. There are tons of designs and you should post them here! Feel free to use sophisticated vocabulary so all the idiots don't get a hold of your top secret designs :D ! Use mine as a template if you like. No comments about using this to exploit the game since IT WAS ADDED INTO IT AND IS NOT A BUG

    I'll start:


    I use a blaze rod generator I designed MYSELF. The only thing I got from the internet was that macerating blaze rods make 5 blaze dust. I use (M) as a rotary macerator, (F) as filter with an arrow facing output, ® as red alloy wire, (GF) as glass fiber cable, and © as an energy condenser.


    ® ® (Wire other than red)

    How it works

    Basically, it constantly loops blaze rods out of the macerator, condenses more blaze rods, and macerates those. Use Pneumatic tubes to come out of the last filter and pump it into the top of the macerator. The key to the emc generation is that after the filter you have the pneumatic tube pumping out back into the macerator, you have a restriction tube underneath it. This makes it so that once the macerator gets filled up with blaze rods and can't keep up, the blaze rods start to get pumped into another condenser with red matter. Use ® as restriction tube and (P) as pneumatic tube.


    (P) (<-F)©(<-F)(M)(GF)



    The beauty of this machine is that it is one block thick. In a 13 by 13 room, you can fit 26 of these. 3,750 EMC each, so in a 13 by 13 room you can get 97,000 EMC each second. This requires about 5 geothermal generators to power or 100EU/t (not entirely sure, but 20EU/t is enough to easily get 4 running)


    6 long

    3 high or 2 if you use covers between pipes and machines under.

    1 Thick


    Put iron covers between pipes as you stack the machines. This is necessary so the pipes from 1 don't connect to the next one over. It makes it look pretty cool, almost like some electric coil or some such device. If you really don't like that just over the whole thing or put it in your basement. You can use diamond covers if you want...there's no cost problems when you have this.

    Why it's the best:

    Mark 3 flower: 15,000,000ish EMC for 1 diamond per 12 seconds

    This machine: Less than 5,000,000 EMC for more than a diamond block per second.

    Credit me if you use this design, and if you know someone that has done this before me, post the link. I was not aware of any that work in this fashion when I built it.

  9. true, but most people dont understand the nocheat config. its quite hard to edit properly. and i know that disabling is only setting true to fals but even then tehre are some dumbasses wich dont get it. and oreobfruscator cant be run at laggy servers. and tekkit allready is quite resourse demanding. i may add a fully edited config for nocheat+ wich people can download and use at will.

    other people seem to disargree with you. and besides, did you hear about "own opinion"? everyone has a diffirent opinion about a server spawn. most people would argree with me. you dont, so i respect that as a fact. i hope you can understand this and go your own way at your server spawn.

    i will remove it since it is outdated. when i wrote this there wasnt any word about a hacking client for tekkit yet.

    I know lots of people that see huge structures at spawn and get overwhelmed. They get confused and can't take it all in. Also they can get lost and big builds make them feel like maybe they aren't good enough.

  10. Notch also said they'd release the source code to modders. Notch also said he didn't think a modding API would actually be a good idea because most of us would find it inadequate so it would be a waste of Mojang's resources. Notch also doesn't work there anymore.

    Notch is irrelevant.


  11. yes, coffee ran empty...just sat back down with fresh mug :)

    from http://mcupdate.tumblr.com/post/28481708267/minecraft-1-3-1

    Minecraft 1.3.1

    + Single-player now runs a server internally

    + Publish the single-player instance to LAN

    + Automatically detect LAN worlds in multi-player screen

    That's as in depth as they provide from the horses mouth.

    What I find intriguing is its going to publish your SSP game up onto your lan ( and probably hamachi) and folks can join you whether or not you want them to?

    I too have yet to play 1.3 as I'm just going to waiting on technic to get to it first.

    You seem like you're clever XD. I dont know exactly how an internal server differs from a regular server, but the ability to publish any singlplayer into a multiplayer must mean that there isn't really a singleplayer only mode now and that they've merged.

  12. Server spawn:

    The server spawn. One of the hardest things to build at a server. It has to be epic; it needs to look awesome and needs to make players stay at your server. A crappy spawn will scare away players, and you shouldn’t want that to happen. There are a few spawn types which you can use:

    The "look how epic my server is!!" spawn:

    This is probably the best kind of spawn there is. It shows off the server for a bit, and makes people belief the server owner is a nice and creative person. If you want a spawn as epic as the one from terra novo or hello creeper, you need to be a good builder or get help from planetminecraft build teams. But watch out for grievers!! Make sure they don’t use world edit to turn your server into total crap. This happens quite often, and you should not trust everyone which says he’s a good builder. They may turn your world into sponge. When you get a building team, make sure you give them some credits. Even a small sign would do.

    The "real spawn is under construction" spawn:

    Don’t you dare to use this as an excuse to hide your bad building skills!! An emergency spawn is a good option for a beginning server if you want players on it while the spawn isn’t ready yet. Make sure you do not miss any neccecairy info at this spawn!! A good emergency spawn would be: a marble brick platform, with signs around it. Those signs tell you the entire server's info. Make sure players want to read the signs. If you don’t make the signs interesting, they will just skip it and play on your server while they don’t know the rules and stalk you with questions. Also make sure it is near your yet-to-become spawn! Players will be interested in your brand new spawn and take a look!! Don’t forget to protect the area!! This will probably wipe out your building project.

    The "this is a schematic I copied from planetminecraft" spawn:

    Go away, you stink. Don’t mindlessly copy over someone else's building. And if you are lazy and want a good spawn, make sure you:

    1. edit the building
    2. add some signs with the builders name on it
    3. Don’t lie about the spawn. You didn’t build it. It also isn’t *based* on a schematic, it’s just the schematic. If it is based on a schematic, you rebuilded it yourself with the same design!

    THIS IS COMPLETE NONSENSE! Epic spawns make the server look like they're too good for it's players. You don't want to overwhelm players now would you? And seriously who copies buildings PEOPLE WHO CAN'T BUILD that's who.

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