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  1. Hey, sorry to bother but my server thread appears to have been approved yet I cannot see it in the relevant forum? I presume there is some sort of delay between it being approved and viewable in the forum or..? Thanks.

  2. Hey, sorry to bother if you 're already busy for whatever reason. I posted a Server thread in the whitelist forum that's waiting for approval. I'm not asking it to be looked over right now, but what kind of time frame can I expect and are only the very best threads approved?

    Thanks in advance,

    ~ Prez

    1. Tom Prest

      Tom Prest

      I sign my name as a matter of courtesy on all my gaming networks, I wasn't sure of the etiquette here so I did it anyway. As for the thread, I did read it. Very thoroughly infact - I only read the OP as I didn't think there would be anything below it, but now I see. Sorry for the avoidable post.

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