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  1. I hope this is the best place to ask this I am looking to make a system to automatically harvest crops from the magical crops mod. I have been recommended to use turtles from computer craft but when looking at the API I couldn't find a command to check if the crops are fully grown is there one? Is there a better mod to use to harvest? I have heard thelmcraft golomes work but they are laggy and unreliable. I want to use steve's carts 2 but aparently the farmer doesn't work with non-vanilla crops. Thank you in advance PS: I am using the Serendipity Unlimited pack but I am using it single player (on the multiplayer turtles are banned so their forums aren't really helpful for turtle questions)
  2. I really think there should be some filters for searching for modpacks filters like: MC version (1.4, 1.5, 1.6, etc) Server version available update date (with in the last month, 3 months, year) Technical, Magic, Adventure, Misc, combo
  3. I don't think it will be that bad. I mean if you look it up they cloud the saves, as a person who has more than one computer I like that idea. it is kind of annoying especially during their first beta when their servers were just not ready.
  4. just want to talk simcity 5 with anyone who wants to.
  5. wait is that Technic 3.0.3? I am new to Technic but did we go from 3.0.3 to 7.2 in less than two months?
  6. it's amazing but does it support any Technic mods?
  7. cross over mods already exist so IDK it might work.
  8. the Idea is basically one wrench to rule them all. IDK if it is possible but it would defiantly make things easier. to keep things balanced it could be crafted from one of each wrench and the sonic screwdriver from RP2. it would rotate Arcane Bores, BC pipes and engines, it would properly remove IC2 machines, and it would rotate or configure RP2 blocks(just like the screwdriver). oh and unlike the sonic screwdriver it will work on wood pipes (this will make sense to Doctor Who fans).
  9. unless you had the default to auto scram, actually I would make the default even for RP2 to be to scram. and I was mostly suggesting to use it as a interface you could still run the logic on RP but that could be underground where it doesn't make the control room huge but have the massive light panel replaced with a single screen or maybe a handful of monitors. that way the containment vessel to control room ratio is more accurate. just like you can run most of the reactor logic on one logic system (if it's wired correctly) for more than one reactor (the only issue is that they wouldn't act independently (if one scrams they all scram) and you could run most of the support hardware as one for more than one reactor (as I said before if it is piped correctly).
  10. I am an engineer but I sometimes use the alchemy stuff to make my factories simpler as a way to process dirt and stuff. but I usually use ic2, redpower, and buildcraft.
  11. It looks amazing and I don't know if anyone else has already suggested it but you might want to change your display and logic processing to comp craft and add additional reactor vessels
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