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  1. At this point, it seems like using MFFS is the most practical option, and probably the only practical option. Problem is that if you allow MFFS, you have indestructible shield bubbles. Hmm.... unless someone here can explain how creating plasma from a fusion reactor works, and if there is a way to shoot it.
  2. I haven't figured those out yet. The matter cannon doesn't want to load any shots in.
  3. I'm fairly completely new to many of the mods in this incarnation of Tekkit, and was trying to make a battleship using RIM, and I've determined that, barring MFFS fields, very little can do any damage to Obsidian. I'm using the 1.2.10cx, and thus far.... 1. I've discovered that Plasma can wreck almost anything besides electromagnetic shielding, Obsidian included, but unfortunately, I don't even know how to properly generate it, and weaponizing it at range seems extraordinarily difficult. 2. IC2 is gone, and EE2 is dead-as-a-doornail, and ICBM seems to be conspicuously missing, so there d
  4. Frame ships are actually not as tough as they might seem. The most complicated part is getting the motor compact enough to fit inside the ship and still be wired to the controls (be they computer- or lever-based) and power source. If you don't know how to build the frame-ship motors to begin with, there are some excellent tutorials on YouTube. The next thing is the forcefield. It is possible to use multiple fields, but this is inefficient considering the 1000 block limit and interior space constraints. Use a single Area projector in an easy-to-reach area to make the field and adjust the cent
  5. If this thread is in the wrong sub-forum, by all means, tell me. I have built an unusual "airship." It is a 9x9x9 RP2 frame ship which uses Block-breaking Force fields to burrow through terrain. It is a combination of RP2, IC2, ARS (Force Fields), and ComputerCraft. It currently has a shield which it uses to break blocks, which is configurable in radius and has a camouflage upgrade, it has two shields designed to be used as prisons (Break blocks to stop escape, and also have damaging walls), which, by matter of happenstance, stay in the same location so long as their generator remains on,
  6. I think he is asking if it can push a giant pole, I believe the limit on that is like 200 meters or so. It may not exist though.
  7. Was interested, saw entry fee, was no longer interested, could join fyreuk for that.
  8. Admin on my own short term servers, I know tekkit classic like the back of my hand, save for rp2 computers (the FORTH ones, not the LUA computercraft ones). I might not be on all that much, but some. Also, creative or survival?
  9. Cobble gens and water bucket gens are extremely slow to gain EMC. The problem with string is that it can be made into diamond. Mooshroom milkers are utterly(no pun intended) absurd. My friend made a 5x3x5 one, tilable to 5x4x5, that gains a diamond every 6.4 seconds, over 9 diamonds a minute, or a redmatter in 6 minutes. He made an array of HV solar arrays, then a large amount of quantum stuff. also, keeping a cow in a cage, milking 5 metric tonnes out of it PER SECOND using a giant pincer machine isn't exactly nice to the cow...
  10. I have thought of this too, and there is really no reason not to make an experimental "Rotary frame motor" or whatnot. Just make it cost similar to a frame motor (maybe even use one as the primary crafting ingredient) and auto-rotate all RedPower2 blocks, it could then be updated for Tekkit/Technic compatibility and rotate anythings else that is rotatable in a meaningful and consistent way (not really sure if anything else comes to mind other than mine-rails) Basically, it rotates a frame machine 90 degrees along the output face, assuming nothing is in the position it is rotating into. it
  11. but it would require me to click "run this time," assuming it is set to ask.
  12. Things that will kill the landscape: Nukes ITNT normal TNT if Equivalent Exchange 2 is enabled, as EE2 allows conversion of enough of anything into TNT (or diamonds, or nearly whatever else), 1 diamond is worth around 8 TNT. 6-axis flying quarry machines using force-fields or block-breakers, but they just mine it away in a precise fashion, costing a, mostly, appropriate amount of resources. while not all that deadly to terrain under most conditions, mining lasers set to "explode," "scatter" or "long-range" do a lot of damage, long range makes a long hole, in fact, if pointed d
  13. yes, I am saying, it may still require me to to click on the button in Chrome that says "Run this time" or the one that says "Always run on this site" and windows defender or whatever might say: "do you want run this random ".jar" thing that randomly decided to run?" Think about what happens if said security features are on and you try running Vanilla MC online or not.
  14. would it not require the malicious program downloaded to pass the various security checks required to run a program? and also require me to run an unknown applet?
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