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  1. Ingame Name: son588 Age: 14 Tekkit Experience (Yes, No): Yes. Amount Played (If Yes): Around 8 months. (Yes) Tell us why you would like to play on our server (Multiple Sentences Please): Hello, thank you for having the time and reading my application. For starters, I'm a retired Tekkit server owner. I know how to operate the server, and know how to manage with bad players. I would like to join this community because; I enjoy playing on Tekkit, it introduce lots of new things to players who want more things in Minecraft. I'm advance in the game, and I understand how it works
  2. Accepted. Application is alright. Can you do a re-write, or just recopy it, and just put some capitals and periods in it? Thanks.
  3. hey man, I'm having problems connecting to the server. Earlier this week it said I had 2600ms connection speed, now I can't connect at all.

  4. Are you sure your 32. Cause I've seen people that are 14 and wrote way better things then this. Sorry, but you are not accepted. Accepted. Thanks for applying.
  5. Alright, but you need more information. Good for a 10 year old ! Accepted! Wow, do you speak Portuguese? One of the admins is Portuguese. (Death649133) AND his last name is Filipe xD, so he claims your cousins or something xD. (Possibly.) Detail was good, but the Grammar was off side. Re-Write with grammar, and it would be good! (Capitals, Periods, Commas etc.) Accepted! Accepted + Your the 100th post!
  6. Whitelisted. You are not accepted. Not because of your age, but because the grammar. Thanks for applying!
  7. Whitelisted If you can, can you please add grammar, and re-write an application. Thanks. Whitelisted. Whitelisted. Hey, it has been a long time Legacist. Is it ok if you can add more information to your post? Thanks. Server is up Btw!
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