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  1. Also I can work on GUI interfaces if you give a default style, I would really love to help, I rendered mobs for the vanilla pack and could help along with the process.

    xD Other than that I wish you luck and hope you would like the help!

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    2. tmayrand


      Sure Id be willing if you need anything else Im more than gladly to help, and actually very few things are hardcoded into the game, skyboxes for such... All GUI's are based of of an image somewhere because otherwise we would be unable to change them in a textuer pack :P

    3. tmayrand


      Also I can do more than GUI's just to make that clear Unless you do not want to restyle the GUI's.

    4. DemeGeek


      I know that the actual images aren't hardcoded in (I have the default in the texture pack) but the item placements within the GUIs are likely coded into the mod and not based upon the images.

  2. Hey, if you want any help with your texture pack I'm willing to help I've been working on my own version of the disco pack since about 1.0 and could help provide textures that would fit in. I'm not super experienced with tekkit but I would love to help, I have already finished mob folders, title folders, some of the art, the GUI's up to 1.3. If you interested just let me know.