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  1. From the OP, it seems very clear that no blocks can be used to automate the harvesting of other blocks. I.e. gathering must be done by hand.


    Mob farms won't work (require something to bring stuff into a chest)

    Sugar cane farms won't work (require active blocks to knock off the canes and something to bring stuff into a chest), unless manually gathered which might be moderately effective, but not very.

    same with wool farms and dark rooms.

    Dunno what you mean exactly by lava bucket farm, so not sure about that one.

    Simple mining would almost definitely be more EMC/hour than any of these things, when you consider that automating harvester blocks are disallowed.

    As you see from Dinos response to you the original post was NOT clear about what can and can not be used. Otherwise you wouldn't have misunderstood it. That it was unclear was clear to me the second I read it, and that is why I made other suggestions, and why I said it was unclear.

    A lava bucket farm is not very efficient, but it is a type of farm that nobody can complain about because you are not creating any EMC out of thin air like you do with most EMC generators.... Buckets are 768 EMC, lava buckets are 832. So you just need to find a massive source of lava (nether), pump a bunch into tanks, collect the lava into buckets, then convert lava buckets into regular buckets to gain 64 EMC per lava source block. It is not something you would do anywhere but a server that tries to shut down most other EMC generation methods though, as it isn't particularly effective. The biggest advantage is that you can have it running while you are offline and while mining. It will never make you rich, but it does work..... Another variation, and much more lucrative in the short term, is the oil bucket farm. A bucket of oil is 2816 EMC, making this one worth working entirely manually if you have to. If you can pull 500 buckets of oil from one well you are looking at about a million EMC.

    Even if you can't use transposers a simple mob farm can be set up by having the mobs fall directly onto obsidian pipes. Never actually tried this myself, but I don't see why it wouldn't work.

    Even on a server with absolutely 0 automation if you can use a transformation tablet you can build an absolutely massive sugar cane farm that you manually harvest and make tons of EMC. It is boring as heck, but it is still pretty time efficient. Especially if you just do it once when you log in and again right before you log out each day for a quick EMC boost. It beats the crap out of trying to find a good place to mine on busy server where everything near the main hub of activity is almost entirely mined out.

  2. It is really unclear what is allowed and isn't on your server, and I play technic so some of these might not work anyway, but here are some ideas:

    Mob farm. Sugar cane farm. Wool farm. Lava bucket farm. Dark Room.

    You may need to run some of these partly manually, if they work at all, but you should be able to do at least the sugar cane one, e. For instance, build a dark room. If you can't use deployers then stand underneath it and right-click a stack of bone-meal. If you can't use transposers, go break the top area after each stack or two and manually collect the flowers and seeds. Turn them into more bonemeal and repeat until rich.

  3. for an infinite, closed loop system, simply do Energy source --> Mass Fab --> auto crafting table to turn UU into glowstone --> condenser. Done!

    That isn't closed loop as you point out... But it is the only suggestion here that is actually turning electricity into EMC, and the only one that is, to my mind, at all appropriate for use on a server. All these closed loop systems are way too abusive of the energy condensors. Admittedly even with this system you could eventually be generating ridiculous amounts of EMC, but it would take much longer and more effort on the players part than most other EMC generation systems.

  4. It's all fun and games now Nick, but trust me, once you have effectively unlimited resources you will realize how pointless the game is when you have effectively unlimited resources. It gets to the point that you may as well just turn on NEI cheat mode and cheat in absolutely everything because you can easily afford it anyway. I understand the allure of free stuff, I got caught up in it myself for a few days... And now I have a world with 500,000,000 worth of EMC just sitting there unused in the form of Red Matter Furnaces. I no longer play the world because it is no longer fun. The free EMC just kinda ruins things.

    I have gotten to the point that I use only 5 things from EE.. Philosopher's Stone, Transmutation Tablet (very sparingly), Swiftwolf's Rending Gale (for flight), a Klein Star (to power the ring), and an Anti-Matter Relay Mk III (to power the Klein Star). My relay is fed excess EMC from my mining and farming operations, so I really do pay for every second of flight it gives me. This is a much more satisfying solution to me than just getting a ton of free EMC by abusing the capabilities of energy condensors. This basically makes EE what it was originally intended to be, a system for exchanging mass amounts of valueless resources for a few valuable ones, instead of a method for pulling massive amounts of power out of thin air.

  5. what exaclty is a dark room? I've heard it mentioned multiple times, but I can't find out what it is (Google says it is a room for developing film).

    The google-fu is weak with this one.

    Try adding the word "Minecraft" to your search about minecraft.

    Little things like searching for what you actually want to find make a WORLD of difference on Google.

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