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  1. Great Server, Love playing it with Friends! The Staffing team is growing and are really great!
  2. Hey All, Just decided to let you all know what Im going to be adding soon (As soon as I can get it to work) Feel free to comment below and tell me what I should prioritize! MinePvP - [50%] Endless Adventure Map - [50%] Quest World!- [5%] Re-add Quarries - [0%] Re-add SOME EE items (Not Condensers ) - [Needs thinking] Add more cool perks to donor ranks! - [Needs ideas] Make server video - [Needs help] Make new banner - [Needs help] Most of these new things will likely be being added soon or atleast getting underway, so stay tuned!
  3. UPDATE: Adding MinePvP as soon as we get custom world gen plugin worked out! Stay Tuned!!!!
  4. Vote Ranks Added!!!! Custom Plugin Support! Do /points to see current point count and /rank to see ranks / points needed!
  5. TechnoRealms - play.technorealms.net Tekkit Classic - 24/7 3.1.2 (Banner Coming Soon!) Rules Read Carefully These rules should be respect and followed by all, anyone found not doing so will be punished. Table of Contents General Rules Member Guidelines Grief Prevention Rules Faction Rules General Rules Have Fun! This is a game after all. No need to take small disagreements and throw a fit over them. Use Common Sense If you have doubts about doing something, it's probably not allowed. No Hacks, Exploiting or Lagging the Server! This includes any server altering mods, x-ray mods, x-ray texture packs, fly mods, redstone clocks without timers, machines or any contraptions that are left on, entity lag or anything that harms the server for any reason. No soliciting! Don't advertise another server. No griefing Don't place or break blocks that aren't part of your property. This is considered griefing! No spamming hackusations Don't spam in chat something like "XYZ HAX BAN HIM PL0X" - If you believe someone is hacking then please get proof and post it on the 'Ban Requests' section of the forums. For the full rules please see: http://www.technorealms.net/forums/index.php?threads/server-rules.6/ (Didn't show all the rules as the full set is pretty long, because its thorough!) How the Server Operates! There are 2 methods of protection on TechnoRealms; Grief Prevention and Factions. Each of these protection methods have their own dedicated world in which, only their method of protection can be used. Each world has its own inventory which cannot be shared with any other world, other than that worlds nether (Eg. GriefPrevention_nether). However the server has a cross-world economy which means that you have the same balance no matter which world you are in! Effectively with this setup you can take your pick between Grief Prevention or Factions and switch whenever you like so you can never get tired of the same old stuff! The Factions world is designed to be fast paced, so we employ a chat auction plugin so you can quickly auction your goods to a wide range of players who may want such an item, although players in the Grief Prevention world are unable to bid on such auctions. Factions is also FULL PvP! The Grief Prevention world, however, is slightly slower and uses a Web Auction plugin to allow buy/selling of player items in a safe environment! This world is also No PvP, so you can relax and build to your hearts content without disruption! Disabled Mods / Banned Items! The mod Equivalent Exchange is the only completely disabled mod. We have made the choice to disable this mod is because it is overpowered and allows players to get 'everything' very quickly. You should have to work hard for the great items rather than just get a collector to make it for you! In past experience with this mod, players have managed to get Quantum Armour within days and gives them an unfair advantage in PvP against those who are new. These are just a few of the reasons why we have chosen to disallow the usage of this mod and we hope you understand and accept this decision! Other Banned Items; Balkon's Ranged Weapons; Javelin, Spear(s), Knife(s), Gun(s), Etc. - Bypass PvP Protections Nuke - Bypasses Land Protection World Anchor - Lag Anchor Cart - Lag Tank Cart - Dupe Tunnel Bore & Bore Heads - Bypasses Land Protections Igniter - Bypasses Land Protections Project Table and Autocraft tables - Can craft banned items! Frame Motor - Bypasses Land Protections Mining Laser - Only banned in Faction World (Bypasses Land Protection) Force-field and parts - Bypasses Land Protection Current Player-base! In my honest opinion my server is lacking experienced faction goers and we need some of these experts to bring advanced knowledge of the 'in's and out's' of successful faction running! Plugin List (Not including non-game play affecting ones) PermissionsEx, Factions, GriefPrevention, ScheduledAnnouncer2, VoteSQL, Combat Tag, ButtonWarp, Ban Manager, FloAuction, WebAuction+, PvPTimer, HawkEye, SpamProtect, TekkitCustomizer, TutorialSigns, Votifier, WhatIsIt, WorldEdit, WorldGuard, Multiverse Core, Multiverse Inventories, Multiverse Nether-Portals, CommandPoints, CommandPointRanks (Custom), PrefixChooser (Custom) ! MinePvP (Coming Soon) Another world which allows one to gather materials in a custom made world, regenerated monthly. This world's inventories are also separated and the only things that you can buy here is Mining Lazers! The idea is to buy mining lazers and mine as much as you can before your lazer either runs out or you get killed as this world is FULL PvP! You can then sell the minerals for cash which you can use in the other worlds! Ranking System Staff; TraineeMod - Trial Rank that can be obtained by helping ingame and sequentially applying on the forums! Mod - This rank is one that is gained by proving yourself able to perform the duties that are required of you as a moderator! SrMod - Only the best and most effective moderators gain this position! Admin - You are a veteran of the server and know its ways extremely well! Regular Ranks; Newbie - First rank, default on server join! Member - Gained after completing the tutorial! Vote; (Coming Soon) Supporter - 100 total votes! Hero - 500 total votes! Legendary - 1000 votes! (Each of the vote ranks will have new perks!) Donator Ranks; We offer a selection of Donator Ranks that players can choose to purchase, the funds received go directly to paying server bills. If you wish to get more info on these ranks you can go to: http://technorealms.buycraft.net Credits: Main Spawn: Rayman03
  6. @keepcalm Know you're very busy with this but will there be a fix for permissions bug soon as its rather paramount to many people that this is ironed out! Thanks again
  7. Jay, there is not the place for staff applications. Do it here : http://www.technoverse.enjin.com/forums And don't repeat post.
  8. Hey, Just thought I'd let others know in case they didn't already but using the Jar/Linux version of Technic Launcher to play Voltz through works! Yay! I'm already playing and no crashes yet! Not really sure if this is known yet but here it is anyway! Enjoy! PS: Got it off CheapShot in the bugs section! Praise him! Mac OSX 10.8.2 - Macbook Pro Retina Java SE Runtime Version (java -version - Console check): 1.6.0_37 Hope this helps!
  9. This is the exact reason I've decided to bug test it as not only could we be the first bug-free server but also help the Technic team progress with their great work!
  10. Hey Everyone. Well as all of you know, Voltz has been released and I am the existing owner of two tekkit servers and was toying with the possibility of a third Voltz server. The problems with this for me is that I already struggle to find the time to manage both my servers but as they find their feet I don't have to spend 'so' long. The second is with these two servers although I have admins and staff, they are unable to help me with the server side of things so if I am able to concentrate on fixing and development then the whole process will be swifter and easier. As with even the best mod-packs, there are bugs. And these will impact game play when they are found. I myself am not versed in anyway with 'plugin development' but I am however in touch with one or two who are. (Willing to let anyone on-board with this who is able to help!) Cutting to the chase, would anyone be interested in bug testing the Voltz pack on a small white-listed server which will when these exploits are found and patched perhaps grow into a public (non-whitelist) server. These initial players will have no 'extra perms' to begin with, but if and when the server is released these players will have the chance to become the first staff and obviously those who are mature and have helped in the 'pre-release' stage will be first picked. This is at the moment, an idea. If you are interested in this then post in and watch this thread because as it is the holiday season I do have some free time and am willing to go forth with this. This post is not a request for an application but keep watching because if people are interested I will add a template below! Thanks for reading and Merry Christmas (or whats left of it)
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