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  1. - What is your in game name(minecraft username)? darkreapa - Name one rule of the server. No griefing - Why do you want to join the server? I am looking for a good Big Dig server that has a nice community and isn't just open to everyone. - What do you expect from the server? Just want to find some people to play with and hopefully mature people to talk to.
  2. Hey, darkreapa! This is Marc with Horizon. I just wanted to let you know that we plan on opening in a few hours! So if you're still interested feel free to check us out at hexxit.bxbservers.com and our website at bxbservers.com!

  3. IGN (In Game Name): darkreapa Age: 19 Why Horizon?: Looking for a decent hexxit server with a decent playerbase and this server seems the best choice. What is your goal on the server?: To make friends, try and help other players and climb the ranks!
  4. Age: 19 Location: England Mine Craft Username: darkreapa Do you have a mic? Yes How often do you play? Can get on daily. Do you have any experience being an administrator? Yes, have even ran my own minecraft servers before, however I do not hold any positions at the moment. Have you ever been banned? No How can we contact you? Skype: darkreapa99
  5. Name: Alex Ingame Name: darkreapa Previous Bans: None, check here Age: 19 Do you own a mic and will use Teamspeak3? Yeah, sure thing. Why would you like to join?: I'm looking for a good, decent custom modpack server and this sounds like the right one. I have played voltz before so I know pretty much all the mods, I also have played tekkit and FTB a lot, so the only mod I don't know is SyntaCraft, although I will try and learn it fast.
  6. This server is probably the best voltz server out there. One of the main features is the shops that can be made. I liked it so much that I had to donate.
  7. Hey, I was looking at the mods list, and I noticed you were missing one of my favourite mods, so I am here to suggest it. It is called Minefactory Reloaded, and you may have heard of it from tekkit. It basically adds more automated machines like the fisher. It also adds conveyor belts, which can be useful for plenty of things. Hope you consider it.
  8. Will you be replying here or something with the list of people you picked?
  9. Look at it this way. As they update the mod pack, they are introducing and removing blocks. This means changing of item IDs based on the other mods. If the item ID of a block is changed, im pretty sure it will somehow corrupt it. This used to happen all the time in Minecraft updates. New update on minecraft = new world for most people. Thats my knowledge of it anyway, could be wrong.
  10. Whenever I check on it, the server is never up. I have also tried via Gametracker, same thing. Are you sure that is the correct IP address? www.whatsmyip.org should tell you it.
  11. If you need to find out your external IP, just go to whatsmyip.org then it will show in the top right corner. Also, if you need any help doing any of this, PM me and I can help.
  12. You could just try and enable cheats when creating the world, or turn on creative if you don't want to start fresh. Not sure if this would help you however.
  13. I really doubt the modpack creators want to sit there writing up lines and lines of information about the mod, when instead people could just try using google. I did a google search for voltz centrifuge, 5th link down and theres your answer. http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/1-0-13-centrifuge-extra-slots.38783/ Regarding your invisible blocks issue, when you update are you using the same world? If so this may be the problem. You may have to start a new world to fix it.
  14. Been playing a bit now and I really enjoy the server, here is my app: IGN: darkreapa Age: 16 Previous experience: Have run several voltz/tekkit servers before, normally hosted off my own PC however one was a rented server. Have played tekkit for about 1 year now so I know pretty much everything about it except some of the new stuff. Voltz for about 3 months, so I'm just learning the last few bits. Banned: Nope, I tend to be a good player on servers I visit. Nevermind, realised server isnt up anymore
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