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  1. Platform url http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/wars-redemption

    Server IP:


    Please be patient loading the mod pack even if it looks like its not responding there is 158 mods loading so it can take some time to load depending on your computer.


    • No Griefing.
    • No Cheating.
    • Be Respectful To Everyone.
    • Do not ask for Admin or Mod
    • Do not ask for free items.


    War's Redemption is an 'low level' PvP and PvE mod pack.

    We want to attract not just the normal PvP and not just the normal PvE but a collection of both.

    Pack contains over 158 mods .

    Join our offical server and find hundred of quests and items to keep you busy for days!

    Server Specifications

    :Max Player Count : 100 Internet Backbone : 100Mbit Location : EuropeHardware : Dual Xeon (16 Cores), 48Gig RAM, RAID 5 Solid State.

    Server Plugins

    GriefPrevention (to protect your land)

    LWC (to lock just about every chest + machine)

    Simple Backup (just incase things do go wrong)

    MiniGames (for all the areanas that are being planned)

    Player Heads (for fun)

    Mod List

    • ArmorStatus
    • bspeakers core
    • NetherStar Tools
    • project bench
    • rei's minimp
    • Status Effect Hud
    • Damage Indicator
    • Jammy's Furniture
    • chainz
    • advanced machines
    • advnced power management
    • adv. repulsion systems
    • applied energistics
    • ars magica
    • assembly line
    • atomic science
    • backpack
    • bc tools
    • bibliocraft
    • big reactors
    • biomes of plenty
    • build craft
    • build craft z
    • charge pads
    • chicken chunks
    • chococraft
    • compact solars
    • compact windmills
    • complex machines
    • computor craft
    • connected glass
    • dimensional anchors
    • electric expansion
    • ender storage
    • EE3
    • extra bees
    • extra cells
    • factorization
    • fancy glass
    • flat bedrock
    • fluid mechanics
    • forestry
    • gravestones
    • gavity guns
    • hats
    • ic2
    • ic2 nuclear control
    • immibis
    • ichun
    • inventory tweaks
    • iron chests
    • kbi tinkers construct recovery system
    • liquid xp
    • logistic pipes
    • magical crops
    • magic bees
    • mekanism
    • mek tools
    • mek generators
    • mffs
    • minechem
    • minefactory reloaded
    • misc perpherals
    • advanced solars
    • gravisuite
    • modular power suits
    • more stackables
    • motion detectors
    • mpsa
    • natura
    • nei addons
    • nei pluggins
    • nether ores
    • network anchor
    • obsidiplates
    • open cc sensors
    • omni tools
    • open peripherals
    • pams wee flowers
    • pet bat
    • portal gun
    • power converters
    • primitive mobs
    • quantum pack
    • rail craft
    • reliquary
    • red logic
    • rotton flesh to lether
    • sap manpack
    • secret rooms
    • small boats
    • soul shards
    • steves carts
    • tinkers construct
    • thaumcraft 3t
    • hamic tinkerer
    • thermal expansion
    • translocator
    • turret mod
    • twilight forest
    • vilage up
    • usefull foods
    • belkins weapons
    • and some more

  2. on a minor note i have this spammed on my console when people mine, is there a config option to turn this off?

    2:04:51 PM


    [iNFO] Entity: EntityXPOrb['Experience Orb'/556565, l='world', x=-218.43, y=68.00, z=1013.68]

    me to

    CONSOLE:[iNFO] Entity: EntityXPOrb['Experience Orb'/93872, l='world', x=-94.63, y=70.00, z=18.50]

  3. this is usually related to Tekkitcustomizer's inventory scanner in combination with galacticraft inventory slots in my experience. several other plugin actions tend to trip its inventory scanner more times causing "extra" dupes, clarlagg is one of them.

    on a side note: anyone got a plugins thats better than tekkitcustomizer for bans/worldbans?

    unless its modified it does NOT play nice with galacticraft.

    Ok thanks for that ill try searching for another ban plugin tho found nothing in the past as easy,straightforward and affective

  4. hi it always dupes from the moment you join the server and put your first piece of arma on nothing special about any steps or seem to be a reason why it just happens to every body on the server you dont have to touch /remove/wear or do anything just put the arma on and it starts duping after a couple of minutes on its own accord

  5. - I need detailed steps to make the dupe bug happen, because I can't seem to make it happen myself.

    - With this crash, bukkit is crashing trying to build the crash report, so we can't see the "real" error causing the crash. Makes it hard to figure out what's up.

    ok i thought that was what you meant well we done nothing its been happening from the start but by the time i had done plugins etc there was problems with the bees sorry i didnt report this sooner but there was no steps taken just wear your armer and it dupes

    and ive managed to get by this house somehow after countless crashes the forecefield turned off and since had no problem ive got some one els testing the forcefield but he hasnt managed to crash the server

  6. Can you provide detailed repro steps for this? It's been reported a few times, but neither me or micdoodle can reproduce it so he hasn't been able to fix it.

    I'll report this to sengir, but unless a fix comes out very very soon, I'm gonna have to recommend this build with the bug still live. Can't let forestry hold us up forever. :\ Gotta get the bees crash fixed first, though.

    detailed repro stats? sorry not quite with you but had a strange crash and now crashed everytime this one player joins and loads his chunks he thinks its his forcefield doing it http://pastebin.com/ipv15bRu theres the last crash report from the server. im just gonna try and /removenear 1521 . Nope crashes the server everytime but im not getting any crash reports.

  7. Do they crash without optifine installed?

    i think its ok just people telling me they have clicked permgen when actualy they havent :P

    my understanding is that upgrading to BIGDIG 1.3.12 from 1.3.9 without a fresh world is currently a no-go.

    seems to cause client crashes on my end.

    im sure that i started our server with 1.3.9 and updated each latest build to the current 1.3.12.

    Unfortunately I've had it happen from Imperials, Industrious and cultivated. Very frustrating. I don't really want to have too start a new fourth world, but if it is the only solution it may be my only choice.

    ill 'buzz' about the server see what bees people are messing with.

    and the electric chests crash client just closes game as soon as you right click on it but so far things seem fine on my server (i forgot to say i took out dimensional doors and icbm explosives) there is also a glitch with armer duping in the galacticraft slots even overwrighting if something els is in that slot already

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