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  1. you shall not pass

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    2. GenPage
    3. Munaus


      but I NEED to go to the bathroom!

    4. TheBytemaster


      No Munas, you WANT to go to the bathroom.

  2. and now the status update spam has begun. oh joy.

  3. oh god what is this I don't even

    1. _Mataroyale_Modpacker_


      it is the power of LOVE.

    2. TheBytemaster


      LOVE AND TRUTH FOR ALLLLLLLLL! *fires shotgun*

  4. you seem to have angered a very bored child, lol

    1. rcmaehl


      I tend to do that a lot to children that think they can get away with things.

  5. making jokes when reporting obviously rule breaking posts is fine, don't worry

    1. theprolo


      Ok, thanks. Wasn't sure whether the admins could actually see the spam on the report, and if not might think I was just trolling them. I prefer to be on the safe side when I'm not sure.

    2. freakachu


      don't worry, we can.

  6. yeah, FUCK those guys!

  7. TMI doesn't work. FIX IT NOW!

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    2. KakerMix


      sorry i wil get 2 work on tmi 4 u

    3. Madmerlin420


      how to get NEI (the thing that looks like TMI) working, go into .techniclaunchertechnicsspconfig, depending how you have it sorted look for NEI (not Mod_Notenoughitems) and open it with a program like Notepad, then in the 8th line (it says Lock_Recipe_Mode=True) change True to False, then in the NEI options, you can change between Recipe mode and Cheat mode

    4. KakerMix


      I like this. *thumbs up*

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