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  1. Like the blob. Where did you get it, Microsoft? Looks almost as terrible as Windows Vista.

  2. Couldn't have said it better myself. Might not trust Wikipedia that much. (P.S. I have looked at that link before. I know all of them up to terabyte are correct.) Did you see that NOVA about the computer chips and using nano tubes with them?
  3. Do NOT get a DELL INSPIRON, for they are good yet they are not good gaming computers. For highest quality, don't get a laptop. When I play Minecraft or Tekkit on my DELL INSPIRON E1505, I usually get 10 fps on single-player and 2 fps on multi-player.
  4. Okay, I spawned at the outside teleporter on creative mode. I got on survival, but I am just wondering if that is where I was supposed to start. Also, I'm stuck I have four remotes and I have gotten to the marble streets. I also can't find what door the "staff" remote opens. Overall, it is cool so far.
  5. I have a good chat censor plug-in. Plug-in Name: Melooon Censor BukkitDev Link: Description: A plug-in that takes out curse words on the chat that comes from a list of curse words in the config file. Just change the config file to a notepad and add more words if you need them. One problem though; the plug-in does not apply to OPs sadly. Make sure that your OPs are responsible and respectful. Tekkit Compatibility: This plug-in is compatible with Tekkit and most plug-ins, if not all.
  6. Sounds cool. As soon as Imgur is back up and running, I will look at your pictures.
  7. Cool map. If you sign up for testing will it be for downloading on a single-player or will it be on a server? If single-player, may I test it?
  8. EDIT: PROJECT DISCONTINUED;Now making Epic 2.0 (it will be MUCH better). Hello, this is my first survival map, so hope you like and enjoy! Version:v1.0.0, Use with Tekkit 1.3.2, Not advised for SMP (I haven't tried it out yet, but I don't think it works). The seed is 3706105657386346601 and you can find the link for it here: RULES: 1)No creative mode, spawning items in, or cheating. 2)Do what the instructions say. If you are going to do it, do it right. 3)Have fun with it; once you get to the lab, it's all yours. INSTRUCTIONS: 1) Behind you is a house; around the the front is an iron door. You may see the lever you need to get to. Use any way you can think of to get inside. 2)On the first floor, there is a crafting table and furnace under the stairs. On the top floor, there is a bed, ender chest, transmutation tablet, and nether portal. 3)Get all the stuff you want and then go to the teleporter behind the house. Also, get the bed, but you won't need the crafting table and furnace. If you want to, make a way point so you can visit later. 4)Go through the teleporter and when you come out the other side, step on the pressure plate in front of you. Then, head to the other teleporter on the volcano. A house here would be useful, for the laboratory is an open platform with one torch. 5)That's all until I update it if I do. Have fun! DOWNLOAD: PICTURES: I will put up some more snapshots later. Imgur happened to be down.
  9. Wow, DXWarlock, just wow. I just face-palmed myself so hard when I saw that.
  10. Holy cow! This texture is flipping amazing (as Simon would say). I got so bored of Sphax, I went back to default.
  11. Now that you brought that up, theprolo...
  12. What if the admin won't allow nukes because he is afraid his computer will explode (due to lag) if anyone uses a nuke.
  13. "It" refers to Panihamar adding Thaumcraft-like things to EE3; Panihamar adding Thaumcraft-like things to EE3 would be cool because Thaumcraft has all the magic-like abilities of EE2 and the science-like abilities of IC2, BC, RP2, etc. Also, I thought mage was spelled maige. Plus, my auto-correct keeps telling me to put maige.
  14. It would be cool because Thaumcraft has all the magic-like abilities of EE2 and the science-like abilities of IC2, BC, RP2, etc. EDIT: Notice the underlined parts in both quotes.
  15. I say that people are only stronger than there worst weakness. I have to go, so if you reply, you probably won't from me till tomorrow.
  16. I was talking just a hair irrational and I was blinded with rage;hence, the name of the thread being "RAGE!!! EE3".
  17. Yeah its overwhelming and incredible going from vanilla to EE2. Especially when the chest is 5x larger than a double chest.
  18. Oh okay. It is sad that you would have to do that. Don't get me wrong, everyone can get annoying sometimes, but that's just sad. EDIT:I was kind of just restating what had already been stated on this tread now that I think about it.
  19. What did you do to deal with it. You did nothing wrong, it was the greifer's fault per se (per se talking about greifer not fault). Forget "per se" altogether, as it may cause the wrong idea.
  20. Well, I say all of us has had some bad Minecraft related experiences. Just curious (not trying to be nosy), what did you do?
  21. KEY WORD:CAN I see what your saying now. You have made me budge a little. It can definitely cause bad consequences. I am now think of the time my friend got WorldEdit on his server and everyone was op. Let's just say it wasn't pretty.
  22. If you don't like what someone is doing, just ignore them. It's their problem they are obsessed with EE2 (or like you said, giant holes), you don't have to make it yours.