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  1. Only been on for about less than 24 hours... good community (somewhat mature)... well laid out banned items list... And the EE world (the world every new player starts in) is on peaceful difficulty (at the time of this posting)... I would recommend this to my friends, but I doubt they would play Tekkit / non-creative / etc. so I'm out of luck *sighs* Overall.. I like it and probably am abandoning the other server I play on by accident >_> EDIT: As is according to next post, (and fact,) mobs are on and difficulty is on Hard
  2. ===== Server Review ===== Server Name: iCraftTekkit Server Website: http://icrafttekkit.com/ Server Reviewer: (Honest player of the server giving it an honest review) like2omg == Table of Contents == 1. Basic server overview 2. Starting off tutorial 3. Tidbits of important information 4. Notes 4.1. Ranks 4.2. Grief protection 5. Final words 6. About the reviewer 1. Basic server overview: This is a well-run server. Although at times, some things are not working or have yet to be (just like any real server), but it is still very well playable. Thanks to PvP only in specific worlds, and anti-spawn camping, you won't have to worry about dying to some griefer who cares little about your feelings. On a side note, if we get enough players on this server to fill the server at least once each day, we just might get another server (so we can finally have more room!). We have a well-detailed spawn building surrounded by a currently (as I type this message) small spawn city (which is just for looks at the moment) to show you what some of our players are capable of designing. 2. Starting off tutorial: As you log in for the first time, you will be in front of the main server rules board. Read up or you may get punished (kicked, or banned if severe enough/broken the rules multiple times) for not obeying them. After reading them, turn left and follow the glowstone path into the room. When in the room, turn left and read the wall for the information about the ranks (the sign on the ground nearby tells you how to check how far you are towards the next rank). In the middle of the two doorways on the same wall is more information that would be helpful to many players. On the far left (still, same wall) shows what items are banned. If you want to see the spawn city, head down the stairs (if taking the left, head right afterwards; if taking the right, head left afterwards) and out the pathway. You will be restricted as to how far you can go, so don't get your hopes up. If you get lost, just type /spawn and don't move until you are warped back to spawn. In the spawn building we have a two-floor player chest shop area (head right from the spawn point) which might contain what you are looking for (although you might have to shell out some in-game money to get some). Type /money to see how much you have for it will come in handy at times (especially /money pay <playername> <amount> to pay another player). 3. Tidbits of important information: Having EE enabled (and many essential pieces of it too), it makes it quite simple to work your way up the tech tree once you get to where you can make an EMC flower. (see note "Ranks") This server has grief protection (land claiming and block locking) and friendly staff that your stay can easily be enjoyed even if you are griefed when you haven't gotten the materials to claim your land yet. (see note "Grief protection") Don't have the patience for getting ranks and items? Buy one of our donator packages from the website (prices shown in CAD or Canadian Dollars). Not only do you get nice stuff and priveldges, you also help keep the server up and running (which is a good thing for all of us that cannot find any good Tekkit servers with EE enabled *hint hint*). Or if you don't have the money (or even if you do), you can vote for the server by visiting the website while being connected to the server (make sure you have some room in your inventory to collect the rewards of voting, both per-site and for the Collect Rewards button). Voting for the server helps keep the server from vanishing into the cold, unknown void. 4. Notes: 4.1. Ranks: There are limits on what you can build, and how many you can build by what rank you are. You start with the Unemployed rank, and to get to more privileged ranks (where you can build / use more things), you have to be on the server. For example, to get to the Employed rank from Unemployed, you must be on the server for 24 hours... you don't need to be on 24 hours straight, but you cannot get the time required while offline either. 4.2. Grief protection: Land claiming uses a golden shovel and uses "Claim blocks" to make sure no just-joining griefers can claim a whole section of land to themselves which nobody can build or mine in. Claims can also be used for sharing plots of land with people who you trust. For the commands on how to add or remove people from a claim, see the information along the glowstone path in our spawn building. Block locking occurs automatically on most (all?) important blocks when placed (Chests, Furnances, Energy Condensers just to name a few). Ones that didn't automatically lock but can.. we have a command for that. Ones that don't lock at all... placing a sign on top of it, or (in case of a wall sign) on the side of it works too. For the commands on how to add or remove people from a locked block, see the information along the glowstone path in our spawn building. 5. Final words: If you found this helpful, and you decide to join the server, type /referredby like2omg after you connect. Not only is it considered polite to thank whoever helped you in your decision to come, you will also get some compensation for doing so, giving you an advantage I never got when I first started (be very careful typing that in. I messed up and will never get a referred-by reward). 6. About the reviewer Minecraft username: like2omg Real life skills: Programming Fluent: HTML, JavaScript, Python. Learning but good at: Lua (see next line), PHP, Bash (A Linux thing) Non-basic Minecraft skills: ComputerCraft, Honesty (not everyone has that skill) Favorite thing to do: Being a nice, helpful person. Downfalls: Tends to get focused on tasks, and miss what's going on in the chat. Favorite quote: "Like a boss, ImAhBoss" -like2omg making something up randomly for a fellow Minecrafter
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