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  1. Also, with portable tekkit we mean portable technic, to play on computers (inclusing school, work, or protected computers) that don't have technic that block downloading file access. Tekkit would only be used on protected downloading computers for connecting to tekkit servers, not running them
  2. I could be considered hacking, you would be opening up a port to a school wifi port connection which can share data (no matter private or not) through the web. Any teachers, principal, or even the school district can trace down your account and can close down the port if need. After you have opened up the port anyone connected to hamachi can semi access your school account, this can result in some bad consequences (who knows what). If I were you I would ONLY use single player or LAN connection, which is not ported and is shared only within your computer, and when you use LAN is it is only shared within the school wifi.
  3. I have found a easier way to making tekkit or technic protable. 1. Download Technic Launcher and put it in a new folder in the USB flash drive. 2. Make a new text document and type/paste the following: @echo off Title TechnicLauncher set APPDATA=%CD%\ start %CD%\TechnicLauncher.exe 3. Select "Save as" and name it Start.bat 4. Open the .bat file you have just created and it should open TechnicLauncher. 5. You are done, after you have opened the file it should make a new file called ".techniclauncher" When you have opened the file you are free to download any version of technic you want and all your changes will be put in the ".techniclauncher" file. After you have installed "Technic SSP" anouther file called ".minecraft" will appear. None of this you have to create or change. ***NOTICE: ALWAYS open the Start.bat file to start TechnicLauncher! If you do not, then it will create a folder in %appdata% in your system files!*** This was not copied or pasted, these steps were completely make by me. :D