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    Sennex reacted to DragonScythe in Why can't there be a proper adventure modpack?   
    Currently, the only adventure mods there are in the Technic Launcher are really Hexxit and Hack Slash Mine.
    Hack Slash Mine was discontinued and could have been very enjoyable if it wasn't. There are quite a number of enjoyable systems there that should be fleshed out.
    Hexxit is really just dull, easy, and lacks depth. The more noticable portions of it are the Hexxit Armors, Twilight Forest, and the dungeons around the world. The Hexxit Armor was really quite easy to acquire if you knew where to find it and granted you abilities that make much of the game very easy. The Twilight Forest, although expansive and beautiful, only had a few noticable areas that repeated often. None of the dungeons are particularly interesting and often waste time. It really lost its charm after the first month it released, which was the time I played before it bored me.
    Why do we have to settle for such a mediocre modpack? Its balancing was flawed and to be honest, the only reason it stands out is because it is the only recent one.
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