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  1. Delete C:/Users/Anton/.technic/modpacks/attack-of-the-bteam/saves/mapwriter_sp_worlds/Whos_The_B_Team/mapwriter.cfg
  2. Strongboxes from Thermal Expansion. They aren't as well known as Iron Chests, but are quite nice especially on servers. They can be locked, and whitelisted via a friendslist. Also you can break them and they keep their contents. The top tier one is quite expensive (and huge internally), but the others are reasonable especially with B-Team's ore gen.
  3. I disagree on every point. BC has some neat things...gates in particular but its energy storage (none) and generation are silly and behind the times. IC2 was nice once upon a time, but has become tedious and stale. The steam dynamo creates its own steam, Just add coal/charcoal and water! Forestry outside of Gregtech and IC2 is the definition of tedious. Besides, MFR can handle all of your automated farming needs. Thaumcraft, again tedious and lacking a lot of the things in older versions that made the mod fun. Iron chests is a great mod, but the Thermal Expansion strongboxes are pretty close, and better suited to SMP play. This modpack obviously isn't a tech pack, and I like that it showcases a lot of lesser known and less established mods. The inbred Forgecraft scene needs a little shaking up imho.
  4. Since you are able, you should update to the most recent 64bit Java, 1.7.0_51 I believe. It should help a great deal.
  5. http://teamcofh.com/index.php?page=cyclic-assembler
  6. Which commands did you use? Also, it obviously is not a stock B-Team server. What mods or plugins have you added? or have you removed any? Any changes from stock at all? Which server version are you using? Do you get the lag spikes with no users connected? Any oddities in the server console/log?
  7. http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/2104497-164server-admin-opis-112-alpha-now-with-entity-support/
  8. This is without a doubt a version mismatch between your client and the server you are trying to connect to. Can you find out what version the server is currently using?
  9. This is because your client version does not match the server version. It is likely the server needs to update, or you could temporarily revert your client to an older version via the cogwheel on the lower left of the B-Team icon.
  10. Can you provide a pastebin link of the crashlog?
  11. Can you provide a pastebin link to the crashlog?
  12. There is a mod called Opis that should help you figure out what is causing the problem. Usually the problem comes from a lot of items on the ground or a runaway mob spawn although there could be a number of other causes. http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/2104497-164server-admin-opis-112-alpha-now-with-entity-support/
  13. Follow these instructions: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1544257-172shaders-mod-v237-updated-by-karyonix/page__st__4600__p__24582828#entry24582828 You will get the odd visual anomaly, but it does work.
  14. That could possibly work, but there are two problems: He would not be able to join any servers unless there are some that have removed Necromancy as well. Not likely. And if his card actually does not support shaders it is likely that he is going to have other problems even if this problem is fixed. The best and first step is to find out if that is actually the problem and not a borked install.
  15. That is the offending error. It would appear that your computer's video system does not support shaders. But to be certain we would need to know more about your PC and what sort of video card you are using.
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