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  1. And done ^^ now run along and be kimbo and stavlors minions muahahaha... im just kidding ^^ have fun and please do /rules to get a reminder on whats allowed :)
  2. IGN: EndreHolm Role: CommunityLeader Server is up you guys up and working fine Now both me and beastley has access to the console and files, so we will have less chance of downtime because of for example a server crash for those of you that has problems connecting: try using this instead (this is the same IP just that the portnumber has been added) :
  3. byron, please use Xeongaming.co.uk for things like that, this is for member apps only and we will not answer any questions in here thank you :)
  4. thx for applying guys but we need to get the full app IGN: (which means In Game Name) Reason for wanting to become a member: Why should we accept you:
  5. done ^^ have fun! Strokend: please use xeons forum, only member apps should be posted here :)
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