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  1. -A mk3 energy collector doesnt need any light from other sources. -Yes, I agree, The recent nerfing of the EMC value of uranium has hurted quite a bit. Still, before tekkit I played EE alone and its still pretty overpowered. Transmuting any item into any other item is just a too overpowered ability for a server that isn't based on EE but rather on industrialcraft, buildcraft and too some, redpower and others. mainly because of its price of a handful of diamonds. And for gods sakes, nerf that damn catalyst already.
  2. I completely agree, The current problem of the collectors are that they increase generation of any items exponentially by adding more and more from its own profit, So no matter how low you start, eventually you will have 100 diamonds per minute. The reason why this is balanced in IndustrialCraft and BuildCraft is because it takes a huge amount of time to setup, and that time will not become less. That aside it is overpowered in servers because of world anchors, they will be on while you sleep. Thus they should be nerfed ATLEAST 5 times of their current production. It's a start atleast... finally, I think that it should be an investment rather then a case of EMC storage blocks, that can be transmuted back into diamonds and such whenever needed. The problem I have is that its not that far from costing more then a diamond set. That's why I think a set such as the NanoSuit, which is arguably much cheaper to make shouldn't be stronger then diamond. That inbuild jetpack idea is a really good idea if you ask me.
  3. Thought of another one : Divining Rod : mode 1 : from 3x3x3 blocks to 5x3x3 blocks for 16 emc. mode 2 : from 16x3x3 blocks to 10x3x3 blocks for 32 emc. mode 3 : from 64x3x3 blocks to 20x3x3 blocks for 64 emc. Philosopher Stone : Remove free enchanting on tmi cheat mode, enable free enchanting on creative mode, make the user gain or lose levels on survival mode. Also, thinking about the transmutation process of EE, I feel that the player should go through numerous stages of different transmutation items before reaching another one. Currently too many are skipped and only fullfill a limited purpose, hence the balancing suggestions on first post. -Philosopher Stone : allows basic mutation of material blocks to a fixed other type of material block by rightclicking. it can transmute iron to gold and gold to diamond, it can also transmute coal to higher fuel levels. -Gem of Eternal Density : automatically "eats" most items of EMC value in your inventory or in a chest to upgrade them into a material of higher EMC value. These materials are Iron, Gold, Diamond, Dark Matter, Red Matter. -Mercurial Eye : It can transform any blocks into any other block, difference in EMC is taken from or given to the Klein Star inside. Thus Allowing to easily absorb natural blocks like wood and clay to charge the kleinstar or feeding it blocks of metals and gems. -Transmutation Tablet : Allows all items with an EMC value to be transformed into all other items with an EMC value, As long as fuel and everything else aren't mixed up. Allows charging and uncharging klein stars from and to items. Once an item is used once, it is memorized by the transmutation tablet and can be crafted to. EMC is not permanently stored. EMC stored is same at every transmutation tablet but different for each person. -Energy Condenser : Allows transmuting on a giant scale, everything inside the chest with an EMC value will be eaten and transformed into the item that is put in the topleft slot. Does not memorize items like the transmutation tablet. Cannot create anything worth more then 1 million EMC. Does not allow usage of kleinstars. EMC is permanently stored, EMC stored is different at each energy condenser but same for each person. I'd like to see people use the first three for transmuting before moving on too the next level, transforming any item into any other item is very overpowered if it is something that you can achieve with only 7 diamonds. which should be getable within an hour using the divining rod.
  4. Hello, I have been playing Tekkit for atleast 100 hours now. alot of SSP, but also alot of SMP with friends on LAN or on servers. I currently have a speedrun setup to get to red matter in about 2 hours. then 100 red matter in about 6 hours. basically 100 red matter allows you to build and exchange it for EVERYTHING. Most servers have been really heavy on banning EE (Equivelent Exchange), There are multiple seriously overpowered items. EQUIVELENT EXCHANGE -Destruction Catalyst : Increase the cost from less then 2 diamonds to 2 red matter. -Transmutation Tablet : Increase the cost from 4 obsidian to 4 dark matter. -Energy Condenser : Increase the cost from 5 diamonds to 4 red matter. -Energy Collectors & Antimatter Relays : Increase the time it takes to earn itself back from 5-6 hours to atleast 25-30 hours. Also, disable transmuting back into EMC. -Dark Matter Hammer : Increase the cost from 2 dark matter to 5 dark matter. -Mercurial Eye : reduce the cost from 1 red matter to 1 dark matter. Most people really like the IndustrialCraft mod's balancing, but there are a few things that needs tweeking... -Uranium : reduce EMC value drastically. (DONE) -Scaffold : Reduce recipe creating amount from 16 to 6. -NanoSuit Armor : Remove immortality (DONE); NEW : Reduce armor rating from 2 times as strong as diamond to 2 times as strong as iron. -QuantumSuit Armor : Remove immortality, Reduce armor rating to 2 times as strong as diamond. -Mining Laser : Increase damage in every mode except long range by 2 hearts. That's all I can think of right now, Please post your own ideas as well... Feel free to ask why if you do not understand why certain items needs balancing, Just don't go full ret**d and insult people.
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