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  1. In game name: hamsterking5 Age: 20 Location: new york Minecraft experience to date: 2 years 1 month ( i ran a server for over a year aswell) Why do you want to play on our server? If you want me to be honest then I'm lonely and I prefer smaller servers to large ones usually because the community is nicer and easier to deal with. I've been looking for a tekkit server for a while and still haven't found one. So I'm curious about joining yours and hopefully I'll actually enjoy minecraft with some friends again.
  2. IGN: hamsterking5 AGE: 20 COUNTRY: United States Timezone: Eastern (GMT -5) Ever Banned: No Reason for joining: Looking for a tekkit smp server and all the others I looked at are either dead or under new management.
  3. InGameName: hamsterking5 About me: I've been playing minecraft since September 2010, In November I joined a server which I later became head admin of. I keep that server running for almost 2 years until I had to shut it down due to a fight with paypal. I like having fun with people and I'm typically a nice guy to hang out with. I'm very social but I prefer solitude in my projects. I'm currently earning a associates degree in computer science in college but My parents think I should try culinary which I see no problem with. Finally, I have the weirdest obsession with papayas... Locatio
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