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  1. You can also use a black hole band in a chest to collect the items (expensive) Or you can use redpower 2 transposers to collect the stuff As for the chests, you can use either alchemical chests or iron/gold/(silver?)/copper/diamond/crystal chests
  2. I think you can, with a timer, boarding rails energy loaders, energy unloaders, etc, and Neither have I dug into railcraft. You probably aren't wasting any power but you can use a MFSU in between the enrgy loader and the reactor to be safe.
  3. You can use HV transformers, (they transfer the power to lower amounts of EU, but more per tick) and then run a glass fibre cable to the output of the transformer to your base, or you can use MFSU carts from railcraft.
  4. I hope I'll be quick enough at the launch to give my characters the same names, Ulfric Stormcloak and Skittle the Great. Secretly I'm still hoping they won't wipe all your characters before the launch. So what server do you guys play on? I play on Whiteside Ridge, we absolutely dominate in WvW
  5. Try running the techniclauncher.jar located in your .techniclaucher folder, or run the .exe as Administrator
  6. http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/technic-ssp-tutorial-map-v2-3-for-tp-6.9/ , it may be a little bit outdated. Or you can use this: http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/technic-pack-guide-updated-exams-suck.5606/#post-47435 (I'd download it i I were you, downloadable version is better, it's longer)
  7. I don't think you need to use theHD patcher, as Tekkit has optifine installed, which has the hd patcher build in. I'm not entirely sure, though.
  8. You can try direwolf20 (it's not really the technic pack but most of the mods are the same) or Tekkit with Duncan, Duncan doesn't really do things fast, but explains some things very well. There also is a good technic tutorial map, floating around these forums somewhere. That's where I learned the basics. Tekkit with duncan Ep 1: direwolf20: http://www.youtube.com/user/direwolf20
  9. Red matter swords (or Katars, which are even better damage wise) do AOE damage on a right click, right? So if you just have some deployers hooked up to a timer, wouldn't that kill them pretty fast? Edit: Ah, AOE activates with "R", so it doesn't work with deployers, just tested it...
  10. Your ridiculously awesome build is awesome.

  11. I disabled my firewall, deleted the .techniclauncher folder, disabled my antivirus (kaspersky), and that worked for me.
  12. Trying to blend in with the normal people. Maybe it was his dream to work there.
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